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Monday, May 30, 2011

I have been tagged by Caroline's Butterfly Brain with a Versatile Blogger award.  Thank you lovely!

It's a really simple idea - all I have to do is tell you five random facts about me, then choose and tag five bloggers to so the same.

So my five;

1. I make greetings cards for my friends and family (sorry Caroline) and each and every single one is square.

2. I HATE everything about tomatoes, the smell, the texture, and the evil, slimy, little pips - even the sound a knife makes cutting them. That said most foods with them in or on are fine...

3. I have a cat allergy... and two cats

4. I'd love to own an old Fiat 500, its old, kooky and a little bit crap. It's me in car form!

5. I have watched the film 'The Lost Boys' more than 50 times. At first my crush was Corey Haim which swiftly moved to Jason Patric as my teens advanced... it stayed there.

And so to my five bloggers...

1. Lauren - Gotta Love A Trier

2. Fritha Louise - Fish Tank Fashion

3. Rosalyn - She Primps and Preens

4. Laura - So Far So Chic

5. Alex - Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks

Hope you all enjoy!

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  1. Loved reading random facts about you. I am exactly thte same with tomatoes. I hate them individually, but don't mind them in food.

  2. Thanks honey :)

    Fiat 500s are so cute! I don't mind old crap cars - better than my new(ish) and crap one!

  3. my hubby shares the tomato thing! I love that you handmake cards, thats so creative! Congrats on your award!

  4. Thank you for the tag! I'll get around to doing it eventually, having difficulty thinking of 5 interesting things...
    Can't believe you hate tomatoes. I love tomatoes!


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