Monday, 23 February 2015

Inspiration Monday

Two weeks in a row!

It would've been so nice to get outside to take this outfit shot, it would've been even nicer to have been outside, needing sunglasses. But no, it's blowing a gale and I'm staying firming inside.

I love Rachel Bilson's style (got a bit of a girl crush going on) so I had to join in this week - got to be a quick post though... lots to get through today!

Pop over to see Megan and Nora, the Inspiration Monday hosts. Next week it's Gigi Hadid* in super skinny jeans.



Sunday, 22 February 2015

Photo An Hour - Feb 21st 2015

6am - An early start - it was still flippin' dark outside - to bake some chocolate brownies for a clothes swap I'd organised. I'd completely forgotten all about it until about 10am Friday night. Talk about a panic!

7am - I had one batch of brownies on the cooling tray an another in the oven.

8am - Whilst I was rushing around getting ready. Tink was curled into a neat little ball, occasionally she'd look up at me and blink before returning to her snooze.

9am - I noticed this little fella under my truck as I was loading up, I moved him to a plant. By the time I got home, he'd gone so I'm hoping he made it.

10am - Set up and ready for the swap to begin.

11am - Feeling a little eleven o'clockish, I was on kitchen duty.

12pm - The Clothes Swap was starting to wind down, it was an OK turnout, not as busy as usual but we raised £128 which isn't far off what we normally raise so I'm happy with that.

1pm - The clothes swap finished, we had Krispy Kremes left. I resisted on account of my brownie breakfast but they smelled so good.

2pm - Arrived home to find several wedding RSVPs waiting for me. The best haul yet and the song requests are getting good! Some of my friends are yet to reply because they can't decide on a song, one saying 'this is harder than a pub quiz!'

3pm - After completing some designs I've been working on this week, I realised I hadn't had lunch. Houmous all the way.

4pm - Some wedding admin, made all the more enjoyable by the doodles of my bridesmaid.

5pm - A pot of tea, some menu planning and a Tesco grocery order. The recipe is Bloody Mary Beef, sounds good eh?

6pm - Relaxed for a while watching E4 before heading back upstairs to my office to do some work before supper.

7pm - Andy cooked us Smokey BBQ Fajitas

8pm - Watching TV with the cats.

9pm - Still watching TV - I needed a night of doing very little. We've started to watch Take Me Out. I have no idea why.

10pm - A cheeky glass of red before bed.

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for setting the dates for A Photo An Hour, pop over to their blogs and see what they got up to.


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wedding Wednesday #6 - Invitations

Once the venues where booked my next big task (after finding the dress!) was to get the wedding invitations sorted. I knew I'd be designing them myself, I saw no sense in asking someone else to design them for us, especially as I had a pretty good idea about how I wanted them to look. And as my friend once told me, 'why have a dog and bark yourself?'

I had them printed by Moo. I opted for the Luxe option (meaning I could have a red stripe to the edge) for the invitation and RSVP / song request card and ordered the square business cards for our gift list information. Meanwhile, I found brown envelopes to send them out in and small red envelopes for the RSVPs on Amazon, along with some shiny gold hearts. I printed several pages of stripes to cut out and use as the bands to hold everything together.

I enlisted the help of my Mum and Sister-in-law to put them together and we sat around one afternoon chatting, drinking tea and stuffing envelopes, all the while talking about the wedding.

For the RSVP envelopes we used an address stamp from The English Stamp Company, my SIL had them done in no time at all.

That evening I set about hand writing all the addresses - printing them onto sticky address labels would've been so much simpler but I wanted them to be done by hand - so I only have myself to blame for the hand cramp. It was worth the effort though.

To seal the envelopes I used a small damp sponge - no on needs to lick that many envelopes in one sitting - and I can't recommend this method highly enough.

Gif made using Gif Maker

I was so excited to start receiving the RSVPs, although our first reply was a decline on account of them being on holiday, but since then we've had 3 more replies and all can attend.

People are coming...

Shiz just got real!

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