Monday, 27 October 2014

Challenge 4-4-4 Week 4

Here we are at the end of Challenge 4-4-4 and, as I used to say to my Mum, 'I'm fiiinnnnnnnnnished!' I liked and enjoyed this challenge a lot. So-much-so I'm it all over again, so it's not technically finished, but I started afresh on Saturday with a new selection of items.

Whilst some outfits weren't in the least bit interesting I liked and felt comfortable in them all and I've relegated a few more items to the charity bag. I've been making better use of the plethora of accessories I have but rarely use. And, other than a long standing date to go charity shopping I didn't buy anything new during this challenge. So it's been a winner all round really.

I hit up the charity shops in Bury St Edmunds with Sophie (she bought ALL the jumpers). I bought myself a few new shirts and a skirt. Or two. One of which I nicked from under Sophie's nose, although she did later say she wouldn't be above fighting me for an item she really wanted (she'd totally kick my ass) so I felt OK about it.

Knowing we'd be stomping around for hours I wore my newest Chelsea boots. Last time I wore these a guy came up to me and stroked them up and down. Bit odd as I don't know him terribly well, but hey, whatever floats your boat I suppose.

I made my 4th apple crumble in two weeks and a lovely venison stew. Proper autumn food that. Forgot to take a photo though and had to make do with this.

A nondescript day.

Bad face day.

I chose a shirt to replace the last of the dresses I discarded at the beginning of the challenge, mainly because I bought it on Saturday and wanted to wear it and because I needed something to layer up with my grey jumper dress. Bored of just wearing it with tights or leggings and a scarf, I popped (first time around I wrote 'pooped' instead and I'm still chuckling about it) a pair of skinny jeans underneath along with this shirt. I normally hate wearing shirts and jumpers together, finding them too clingy but with a jumper this big it was never going to be an issue.

The last time I'll wear this jacket. I love it and even though I tried it on when I bought it I've decided it's too tight across my stoopid shoulders. Not to worry, it only cost me £4.50 and I know someone who might like it...

The scarf is from this month's My Little Box. I've decided to cancel my subscription to this as it's just not floating my boat, it's nice and all but not 'Wow!' enough to keep in interested (fickle much?). And I have something better I want to spend the money on but more on that another day.

The final day of 4-4-4. I spent the day in London at the V&A gazing at wedding dresses 1775 - 2014 and some stunning photography by Horst (both are worth a look IMO). My friends tell me that the V&A is the most boring of the London museums but I love it, I can lose hours in there.

I wore my new shirt again, this time persevering with the shirt / jumper combo and after a bit of arm waving and shoulder shrugging I got myself comfortable enough to go with it. I'm now totally loving it. Expect to see more of this.

What have you been up to?


Friday, 17 October 2014

Challenge 4-4-4 Week 3

My current challenge of wearing just 16 clothing items is going by so quickly, that I can't believe I'm in the last week already. I did wonder if this challenge was going to be the easiest one yet, and yep, I was right. Some items have barely been worn at all.

In my last update post I wondered about continuing for another four weeks. I think I will. I'll swap a few pieces though, the pink maxi skirt seems unseasonable and the short sleeve top didn't work as well as I thought it would. I'll need to consider the colder weather that's on the way too.

Could this be the start of a rolling wardrobe?

My photo an hour day and the first appearance of my chambray dress. Although it's not much of an outfit shot, it is a cute pic of a cat. And as it's my favourite way to wear this dress, you can see it worn here & here (both for challenges I might add).

Sunday - Wednesday
Sunday was a lazy day, perfect for a jumper dress and a scarf. I counted my scarf collection. I have 26 in total, which seems a ridiculous amount to own, and I put a large number in a charity bag earlier in the year.

At the beginning of this challenge I discarded two dresses from my chosen items and on Wednesday I replaced one of them with this long turquoise cardy. I love my short green one but I am getting a teensy bit sick of it.

Thursday and Friday
Two quiet days with nothing much to write about, except to say it turned out to be too hot on Friday for a jacket (not complaining).

Incidentally, I came across this video on YouTube recently - this lady has just eight dresses in her wardrobe. Eight dresses, three jumpers and one jacket. One pair of ballet flats and one pair of boots. That's it. I think I have more than that currently sitting in my linen bin. But I have to admit I like the idea of getting dressed very quickly every morning, safe in the knowledge that my clothes look good, work together and are flattering.

Have a great weekend, the forecast is a warm one!


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Saturday photo an hour

Joining in with Is That You Darling Photo An Hour, October.

I had no plans other than to get some work done but it actually turned out to be a rather lovely day of what ever I pleased.

Andy woke me to say goodbye before leaving for work. My first job of the day was to release our kitchen mouse, he'd succumbed to the lure of cherry cake in the trap at some point overnight and I was finally able to rid my kitchen of our furry friend.

My first cuppa of the day was enjoyed while catching up on a few of my favourite blogs.

Ironing. Yawn.

Work. I'm designing a new logo, and it went really well. After just 45 minutes I was happy with what I'd created and decided to leave it at that for the day. I need to present a few different options and I'll work up some others over the next few days. I like to have the time to create something and then go back and review it. What I like about freelance is being able to work when I'm feeling creative. Some days it just doesn't work and on those days I turn off my Mac and concentrate on something else. I find this to be a much more creative way of working and more time efficient too.

I've been making some tree decorations for a Christmas bazaar at the end of November and I've got a lot more I want to make so I set about finishing some of these wreaths (aka curtain rings wrapped in wool and embellished with beads).

My fingers got a bit sore from the sewing so I switched to one of my favourite things - buttons. I'm making tree and snowmen decorations. Cute, yes?

Lunch - baked beans on toast - the lunch of champions!

Back to buttons accompanied by the final series of Dexter.

When I'd exhausted the buttons of any more tree combinations I turned my attention to my patchwork quilt. What with one thing and another it's been neglected recently but with fingers still too sore for sewing, I set about cutting out loads of hexagons instead.

To get my daily intake of vitamin D, I made myself a cuppa, grabbed a piece of cherry cake and sat in the garden with a book. My intention was to read but girl cat decided to sit on my book and lick the remnants of cake from my fingers. Eventually she relinquished my book and I sat in the afternoon sun reading with her snoozing on my lap.

Still outside with the girl cat, I couldn't resist some pet selfies...

Made a start on writing this post.

Supper. A bit of a random combination as tomorrow is grocery day. Fish cakes, chinese style rice and broccoli. Andy was still at work so I was eating solo again. Sometimes the life of a farmer's girlfriend can closely resemble that of a single girl, except I have more washing to do and food disappears from the pantry at an alarming rate! And there is mud all over the house.

Beer and TV - The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother

Girl cat likes E4 as much as I do.

I'm so rock and roll I'm in bed before 9.30pm with a book on a Saturday night.

Goodnight cuddles with the boy cat.

What did get up to yesterday?


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