Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wedding Wednesday #3 - The Photographer

A quick post for you today to introduce my wedding photographer Katie Drouet. I'm very lucky to have so many talented friends and Katie is no exception. Naturally, she was the first person I thought of for our wedding photos and I was so chuffed to find that she was available - a happy result of getting married in early April.

I think she'll have her work cut out for her - a large number of the guests at the ceremony are terribly camera shy, the groom included. We're meeting up soon so I can brief her on my ideas (and generally have a good catch up and gossip) and to fill her in on the difficulties she might face, my Dad can spot a camera from 50 paces and slide from view in a nano second! But I'm more than confident that she'll do a marvelous job, she has the ability to capture those little moments that make the day special, her candid shots are amazing. I just love, love, love them.

I'm feeling terribly blessed at the moment. Everyone seems so excited. I had no idea that planning a wedding would mean so much to so many people and offer up so many opportunities to get together and build stronger bonds with one and other. I'm going to treasure these moments. I keep thinking that if the build up is this good, I'm going to be utterly blown away by the wedding itself.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Year, New Kit by Mizuno

I haven't spoken about my running on the blog for a while due to the horribly lacklustre nature of it. But new year, renewed focus and all that! My trainers were looking very sorry for themselves and I'd planned a cheeky new purchase in the sales but, as luck would have it, I was offered a pair of Mizuno running shoes just before Christmas by Millet Sports. To me new trainers are like new shoes - they make me want to get out there and strut my stuff. I can't say there has been much strutting - more enthusiastic jogging, interspersed with some breathless walking, but I'm getting out there none-the-less.

The trainers I picked were the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 Ladies Running Shoe. I liked the pattern and colour combination, but most of all I liked that they are light weight and allow feet to breathe. I hate clunky feeling trainers and hot feet more than anything.

They feel light when running (and I use the word running in the loosest sense of the word) but they have good grip too. I run on uneven ground a lot of the time and have been known to slip but these felt really safe (I'm not saying I'm not going to fall over again, because I will). I wouldn't say that these are trail trainers but they feel pretty steady underfoot. The breathable material means that they aren't waterproof, so icy cold puddles can feel pretty, erm, refreshing, but I'd take this over hot feet any day.

The above photos are the fresh out of the box shots, they look rather more 'rural' now. Having been running in them a few times, I can say I'm really pleased with them. Since July I'd been running in Nike trainers, but I think I prefer these Mizunos for fit and for the terrain I run on.

Mizuno isn't a brand that immediately springs to mind when I think of running shoes but I'll definitely give them another look when I need a new pair. What shoes do you run in? Any favourite brands?

Thank you to Millet Sports for sending me these items to review. All opinions are my own.


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Photo An Hour, January 2015

Yesterday I took part in A Photo An Hour with Louisa at Duck in a Dress, it was a rather uneventful day really. I had planned to go wedding dress shopping with my bridesmaid but I found my dress when shopping with Mum a last week (eeeeep!). It would've made for a much more interesting post, but it's just as well as I woke up with a stinker of a headache (an actual headache not a hangover).

So I made myself a cuppa and went back to bed.

I stayed there a while as I had the cutest of company.

Once I was reluctantly out of bed and feeling a little better I hopped in the bath for some soaking and a hydrating face mask. Seriously, this weather is not doing my face any favours at all!

I then decided to try some new make up products. I went a little bonkers in Boots last week and have loads of new things to try. I got two of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip stains. They're lovely (and currently on offer - buy one, get one half price) and they totally live up to the hype. Above I'm wearing 02 Frambourjoise, a lovely pinky daytime red. I picked up 07 Nude-ist too but it's way more pink than nude but still very pretty.

In an attempt to spend the morning 'unplugged', on account of the headache, I sorted through some clothes for a carboot sale that I'll have at some unknown point in the future (probably). Tink decided it needed thorough investigation. Open a draw they want in, open a magazine they'll sit on it, open a suitcase and they're there in a flash. Give them a cat bed - not in the slightest bit interested.

An hour later I found her in a sun spot and irritated her by taking way too many photos.

Lunch. Bit of a random lunch. I had planned for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon but the kitchen was to flippin' cold to be standing about in it. I opted for salmon on bread with olives and grapes. I have a weird thing with salmon in that I can't eat it in and sandwich. I have to put salmon on bread and then eat it with a knife and fork. Can't eat it any other way. Also I get to a point were I simply can't eat another bite of it. It doesn't happen with any other food (unless I've eaten waaaay too much of it). I got about a third of the way through the second slice of bread and just though 'no, that's enough'. Do you have any weird food habits? I can't eat a pork pie unless it's cut into pieces and I can only eat bananas if they're at room temperature. Human beings are odd.

I discovered that the new Next catalogue had been delivered. So, with another cuppa in hand I spent some time mentally picking out an outfit for my Mum's wedding. Did I mention that she got engaged just before Christmas? No? Well, she did. She has been with her fella for 10 years now and he's been proposing for the last seven of them (how different her life is from mine!), this time she relented and said yes. They're planning a June wedding (having insisted that we set our date first). So exciting!

I updated my Shopping of 2015 spreadsheet after succumbing to the lure of the sales during the week, got some great bargains though - the boots were £19.50, how could I not?? Having read about Char's year long spending ban I'd wondered if I could do the same. Apparently not.

I'm still slowly adding to my patchwork quilt and spent a good chunk of time on it yesterday. I don't think I'm going to get it finished before March 1st but I have to try. I might surprise myself...

More patchwork. One of my favourite things is working out which material to use next, I'm a bit obsessed with not having the same material too close together and I have to have an even spread of colour and pattern, light and dark.

Fire. Cats. Blanket. Happy.

Wine o'clock. Not one of my best ideas, as it seems to trigger another headache (I hope this isn't a permanent thing!!)

More fire, more cats and lots of wedding talk with Andy. We've got a guest list sorted and now I need to get a wriggle on and design the invitations.

The return of the headache sent me to my bed early to be stalked by a boy cat.

Having been entertained by Socks I turned in. How rock and roll was my Saturday night?

What did you get up to?

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