Dear Zara,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Would you please open a store near to my home town, where I will happily and frequently empty my bank account into your tills.

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  1. I love those nude pumps with the bow.

    I love Zara too we are going to Tenerife in July and they have one there right near our hotel and its a lot cheaper than the UK. I cannot wait to go there.

  2. I love the tan bag. I can't shop in Zara, I might get carried away...

  3. Come visit me in Bristol, we can hit up Zara!

  4. I've never quite clicked with Zara. Not sure why - there's been one in Liverpool for years but it's just not somewhere that's really on my shopping radar.

  5. I never used to like Zara, but now I'm obsessed with it. I just wish it was a little bit less expensive. Fortunately the one nearest to me (Birmingham) is usually quite naff and I never find anything, but I've been living in Europe this year where Zara is always amazing, and it's not done good things to my bank balance!

  6. I think Zara are right on the money lately... I absolutely love their pieces. I went in this Friday to pick up my Olivia Palermo bag that I'd ordered online (great instore delivery!) and spent my birthday money in about 5 mins flat! I wear I could've bought the entire store! Those ballet flats you've posted are gorgeous! If you get a local store, I bet I know where you'll be spending most of your monthly clothes budget! xxx

  7. That tan bag is gorgeous.

    I love Zara because I can buy nice stuff for me and for everyone else in the family. I agree that the European stores are better though.


  8. Oh dear what would I do without is the shopping spanish Qeen, love the black jacket and the canvas cram bag!! I just wish to have more cash to visit it more often haha...

  9. You´d better not have one close to you... belive me!! :P


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