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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It will never cease to amaze me how much you guys make me think.

Jen over at A Little Bird Told Me... asked - Who do you blog for?

To be honest this is not a question I had really pondered at length until now as I somewhat stumbled into blogging.

As part of my blogging for the VBlog, I was asked to set up a Twitter and Facebook account, Twitter became a mine of inspiration and I soon found that I wanted to talk about other things outside of the realm of Very. So the World of Joy was born.

Having always had a healthy interest in style, fashion and beauty, which had always been fueled by my love of magazines, I found a whole new community of people offering up advice, inspiration and opinions on all manner of these things. I'd always loved street style, wardrobe experiments, product reviews and the like and now I had the opportunity to do it myself and delight in the musings of others. I didn't question why I wanted to blog or who I was doing it for. I just did it. I was quenching a creative thirst that wasn't be sated by my working life as a graphic designer, so at the very start I suppose I blogged for myself.

Since then I have discovered a core group of blogs to follow (which grows daily) and have regular followers of my own. So, now I blog to connect with them too.

I do like people to comment and I try to comment on the posts that I read too, even if it is just to say nothing more than I have read and enjoyed a post because I now believe that bloggers blog to share something with the world. I only have one friend that gets as animated as I do about fashion and style. We can often be found locked in mutual appreciation of each others outfits and have been known to stop mid sentence to compliment a new purchase but she is the only one and I love her for it. My fellow bloggers step in where she leaves off, you guys just 'get it'.

Where I despair at a friend using the same bag for work, the gym, nights out and everything in between, you guys understand. I roll my eyes (I know I shouldn't) at the pairing of daytime court shoes (slightly scuffed) with a ball gown, you guys would understand. The excitement of acquiring a long debated purchase would need no explanation. You guys understand.

It's like a club. Members only. I admit that I had a little wobble when Jen stated that when we press publish we invite the world in, of course I knew this but hadn't considered it. It felt immense. Some times I say more on here than I do to those close to me. I don't advertise my blog to my nearest and dearest. Not everyone would understand.

I'm not sure if this really answers the question or if I have just rambled for several paragraphs, either way I know it will be read, some will nod as they read, others will click off before finishing but as long as I have engaged someone in some way I'm happy. I enjoy blogging but it would be a little like having a conversation with yourself if no one was responding... apologies for stating the obvious!

What made you start blogging?

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  1. Well said Hazel! I really know where you're coming from. I started blogging because I felt I had more to say than what Facebook was made for. I had never read any other blogs when I started mine, but once I found more I latched onto them. I love sharing stuff with others and know that it IS like a little club, only people who are interested take part. It reaches out to people you have never met but have more in common with than most people I have ever met. Great post hun! x

  2. Great post hun. I think we all stopped and thought when Jen asked this question. I enjoy reading blogs, love the fashion element and seeing what people pair together but also the human side. May be it's because I'm a little nosy but it's reassuring when others have the same worries or woes as you. I'm fairly new to blogging compaired to most and still feel I blog for me. Of course I love it when I get a new follower but I can't understand why I should only blog about what others want me to rather than what I enjoy or want to blog about. Isn't that what it's meant to be about? Common interests and goals?

    Well what ever the reason you blog keep doing it!
    I really enjoy reading your posts.

    X x

  3. @Please may I? Thanks Lovely. I will continue to blog trust me... I'm glad you enjoy my posts - its feedback like this that really makes it worth while.

  4. I blog for myself really. This time I'm really enjoying it. It's totally self indulgent and I can't pretend otherwise. I say what I'm thinking and I think blogs are the best place for that.

    Twitter is banter and Facebook drives me mad. I don't like it anymore, people are always whining and moaning. I like happy things!

    I felt the pressure on my first and second blogs. I tried to conform to what I thought people wanted to read. I think that blogs should be about what you want to say, almost like a diary.

    I love your blog. I come back because I like the way you write and what you write. That's why everyone goes back to their favourites, isn't it?


  5. You haven't rambled at all! I think it's a big topic to think about, let alone express your thoughts about it in written form. Every time I try and type about it I go off on all sorts of tangents!

    A bit of friendly encouragement from the girls on the MSE fashion thread (which we now all seem to have drifted away from because we blog instead!) got me started. It just came at a good time really - I'd lost a lot of weight and was starting my wardrobe from scratch so it was a bit of a sounding board for outfits etc. It's developed since then because I get a lot of satisfaction out of writing and so I do some more wordy posts, and I just jabber on about whatever interests me really. I do love getting my comments though and although I wouldn't say I write content specifically because of them, if people have obviously enjoyed a particular post then I'm probably more inclined to take note and do similar ones in the future.

  6. @CarolineGsbM It is all about enjoying it, there really is no point otherwise.
    You're right that people will come back if they like what they see/read so its got to be what you want to say.

  7. this is the sweetest post. it really got me thinking about my own little - erm, very little - blog, but mostly realizing how much what you wrote is exactly how i feel too. i am so glad i stumbled on to the world of joy, i'm your newest follower and cannot wait to read more and more and more!

  8. @kait That's so lovely Kait, thank you x


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