Five things I've been pondering this week

Sunday, April 17, 2016

If I bought a treadmill would I actually use it?

I want one, I really do. I don't run very often because I don't like running on the roads near me, and 'off roading' knackers my ankles. I hate running when cold, when it's raining, or too hot (delicate flower that I am). I like running on the treadmill, it was always the thing I enjoyed the most at the gym. I'd turn up my music and plod along in my own little world. I think I'd use one, if I had one.

Do you have a treadmill? Do you use it?

Tattoos. Again.

I have one, not that it really counts, it's so tiny. I'd love another, something larger. 

Why hasn't the use of microbeads been banned?

I switched my facial scrub some time ago, when the damage mircobeads cause sealife first hit the headlines. But it seems they're in more than just face scrubs, and the EU are doing nothing about it. Caroline Hirons put it very well in her recent blog post, and reminds us that as consumers we have power. If we stop buying, they stop making.

There is an app to help you identify products that contain the nasties.


I asked my best friend (a teacher, a bloody good one) about this, because who better to ask than a teacher? (what a shame the government aren't asking or listening). She's angry, as are all the teachers she knows.

The majority of academies are performing under the national average. Under. The. National. Average. Of course these is more to the argument than just this but this fact alone should be enough to stop it from happening. Can't wrap my head around it.


I want to go. I want to let Explore (who took me into the Sahara), take me by the hand and show me the soul of it.

What's been on your mind this week?

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  1. I've got a friend who goes to Cuba three times a year, she says that if you're going to do it do it before its been completely taken over by the Americans and turned into some kind of horrid theme part.
    I'm Wii Fit all the way. My arthritic joints can't cope with running and after managing a chiropractic clinic for a few years and seeing some of the damage running causes I'd suggest something non-weight bearing like swimming or cycling.
    Microbeads and academies, definitely a big no.

    1. This is exactly why Cuba has been on my mind, it's always been on the destination hitlist and now it's at the very top.
      I guess a stationary bike would be as good as a treadmill.

  2. I'm craving a tattoo at the moment too. I've never had one before but I'm very keen on getting a tiny mountain-scape perhaps on my wrist someday soon and can I say how refreshing it is to see more people discussing micro-beads on their blogs, it's such an important subject and the more people who share and talk about it, the better! - Tasha

    1. I agree, there was all the fuss when it was first discovered and then nothing! It's not good enough that companies are saying they'll stop using them in 2017, why not now?

  3. I really want to go to Cuba aswell, it sounds like an amazing place. I agree with Vix, now is a great time to visit. Unfortunately for me the logistics of getting there with 2 children in tow are proving a little difficult. Ihope you get your trip organised.

    1. I'm hoping to sort something out soon!


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