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Saturday, April 02, 2016

My payday wishlist is all about the shoes.

Del Rey Sneakers  |  TOMS  |  £59.99
I've been looking for some casual let's-run-some-errands type trainers for a while and these new additions to the Toms range are ticking all the boxes. I just can't decide which colourway I prefer...

The £60 pricetag seems a little steep but when you consider I was looking at some Nikes at £70, and TOMS has a one for one scheme (for each pair you buy and child in need gets a pair of shoes free) these seem like the better choice, and not just because in my eyes they're really only £30 (and £30 for the 'free' pair).

Also, I tend to keep trainers for years. I have a pair of red Diesel trainers that I purchased over a decade ago, and they still get worn, albeit very occasionally now.

Can you tell I'm trying to justify a purchase? So help me out here, navy or grey?

New Look Macrame Sandals  |  ASOS  |  £17.99
I spied these sandals and instantly wanted them, they're a good replacement for some gladiator sandals that I had to throw out at the end of last summer. I like that they're sandals without showing off too much foot. Gorgeous colour too.

What's on your wishlist this month?

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  1. Second time lucky with the posting. I've had to faff with settings.

    I like the grey ones best, they are more versatile but the navy ones are still cute. I'm hankering after a pair of Adidas trainers at the moment, but I'm still deciding between a few pairs.

    1. I think I'm veering towards the grey too. Thanks Caroline!

  2. I NEVER feel guilty about buying Toms. Have you signed up for their website? Sometimes they have a discount weekend, although my foot size always sells quickly so the chances of me getting something are slim!!! They are really nice!!xx

    1. ooh thanks Kezzie I'll give that a try!


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