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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

When I read Kezzie's answers to The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, I wanted to answer them because they're such good questions. Kezzie nominated anyone with an A in their name to answer them. Which I do (take note anyone who thinks my name is Joy), so here they are...

1. What is your favourite gemstone?
Opals (the blue variety in particular), labradorite, and moonstones, as they're beautiful, so inviting and touchable. They have a magical, mystical feel about them, like you could disappear inside them, into another world. That said, I also like turquoise, jade and coral too. So, I'm not fussy at all really, but opals are definitely at the top of the list.

2. If you had to spend the day as any historical figure, who would it be and why?
Queen Victoria, in her early years before the death of Prince Albert. I think it would be fascinating. Or Queen Elizabeth I, so I could cut off people's heads.

3. Do you have a favourite genre of film, and if so, why?
I enjoy all sorts of films, but something that moves me and makes me think is my preference. This can be in any genre. I'm not a fan of horror particularly, although I will watch it. I don't like the Ali G / Borat type films, I'd rather sit in silence. I like period dramas, thrillers, rom coms, spy movies, Sci-fi is great too. Some of the sillier Will Ferrell films I don't enjoy (Anchorman), Adam Sandler has been in some nonsense too (Little Nicky). Don't even mention American Pie. But mostly you can plop me down in front of anything and I'll watch it.

Best films I've seen so far this year: The Martian, and Ricky and The Flash.

4. What was your favourite toy as a child?
Big Ted Michael, a teddy bear my brother gave me the day I was born. I wrote about him here, which turned into a ramble about growing up and virginity (sometimes I go where my thoughts take me).

5. What was the last book you read that you'd recommend to everyone?
I really enjoyed Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Here is what I wrote in a previous post about it:

'Really enjoyed this one, reading it in less than a week. I haven't been as captivated by a book like this for a long time. This is Cheryl's true story of how her life went off track when her Mum died suddenly. At her lowest point she was compelled to walk 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest trail alone - an epic journey, and one that I was very intrigued by.

I read the book at every opportunity, it made me want to dig out my walking boots, go camping and spend time away from everything. 

I was scared for her, I willed her on, was elated by her triumphs, and strangely felt a sense of pride when she completed both her physical and emotional journey. This is staying on my bookshelf to be read again.'

6. What was the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
Learn how to have those difficult conversations. My best friend told me this and she's absolutely right. Communication is the key to everything and although I sometimes struggle to make myself understood, I never stop trying.

7. Who would be your dream dinner guests and why?
Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Maggie Smith, Keira Knightley, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman. I'd just love to sit and listen to them all chatting. I think we'd need to make it a weekend retreat, dinner wouldn't be long enough.

8. Do you prefer day or night?
Both. I like very early mornings (when I'm awake), and very late nights (when I can stay awake). I think it's the stillness that these times bring, the lack of people and noise.

9. If space travel became a possibility overnight, where would you go?
I wouldn't want to go too far at first, I'd like to be home for supper. Maybe just a jaunt into the stars, to experience weightlessness, to look back on earth and see it as the blue / green planet we've all seen so many times in photographs.

10. And because I'm always interested to know this, if time travel were real, what time would you go to?
The 1940s but only if I could be a guest at Downton Abbey

To join in, the rules are simple:
1. Thank the blogger for the award given (Thank you Kezzie)
2. Answer the ten questions given to you
3. Nominate a further 10 bloggers for this award
4. Write another 10 questions for those bloggers to answer
5. Display the award on your blog or in a post

My questions are going to be the same as the above, because I think these questions (originally from Tasha) are really good, and I like to see how people's answers differ from my own.

And - borrowing Kezzie's idea - I'm going to tag anyone with an E in their name. Do let me know if you answer them.

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  1. Our favourite gemstones are very similar - turquoise is my absolute favourite but I do love blue opals too.

  2. I love blog posts like these, finding out random facts about my virtual friends.
    Like you I'm a fan of turquoise and spy films.
    I loved Wild - I read it soon after my Mum had died of cancer and I really connected with Cheryl Strayed. xxx

  3. Clearly you are a woman of good taste. I'm with you on the movies. I'm pretty open-minded, but there's just nothing funny to me about movies like Anchorman.

  4. I have way too many E's in my name haha!


  5. Yay!! LOVE your answers- hurrah for opals!!! They are so cool! And your idea about just seeing the Earth from Space is a great one!


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