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Friday, September 25, 2015

The immediate and fleeting nature of Twitter means I often favourite a tweet with the intention of going back to it and then I simply forget all about it. There is a wealth of interesting information, which unless acted upon, can get lost in the among the banal, silly, and sometimes pointless twittering.

Don't get me wrong the banal and pointless tweets are among my favourites. I'm not a person that takes twitter seriously, I don't use it to be educated. It's a form of light entertainment, a way to connect with others over shared nonsense and musings on daily life.

I love this quote from Stephen Fry "The clue’s in the name of the service: Twitter." The full post entitled 'Pointless babble' is here, from his blog in 2009. He's a wise ole fellow.

That said, I do like to sometimes make use of the not so babblish tweets I've favourited. In September I've already favourited 37 tweets. I think you can tell a lot about my current state of mind by what appears on this list.

One tweet led me to this recipe, Tuscan style sausage bake, it sounds lovely, looks easy to prepare and is one the menu for the Sunday.

I favourited another thinking an item featured would make a lovely gift for a friend (image from

Thanks to my recent dabble with food supplements this tweet from @SR_Nutrition piqued my interest - Myths and Facts About Vitamin C. Finding advice on what works and what doesn't among the marketing hype is something I always struggle with. It seems we're surrounded by food myths, and this frustrates the hell out of me. Who do we believe?

I favourited this tweet and have still yet to go back and peruse the pie recipes that I'll probably never cook, but I love the idea of a hot steaming pie on a cold Sunday evening, with creamy mash and veg. And gravy. Lots of gravy.

A tweet from @rosalilium touches on a subject that I've seen a lot recently - setting the tone of your day with your morning routine. Interesting stuff.

I do like a good recipe and @cotswoldlife furnished me with a recipe to try this autumn - Bakewell Cupcakes. I'm not convinced by green and yellow cherries though.

@ReallyRee piqued my interest with a review of the Collection Contour Kit, Ree has introduced me to some great products in the past and I've seen this reviewed by a few other bloggers too - all of whom like it. I think I'll be picking this up next time I'm in town, because, yep, I need another bronzer...

Gin cocktails? Cheers! @RedMagDaily. And again for whetting my appetite for the cinema with this list of films to see this autumn.

To share some of the Twitter babble I enjoy so much, here's a tweet from @52Betty

And the last one I'll mention @QuiltingMuriel. At 97 she's a prolific tweeter, regularly making me laugh. Follow her, she's every shade of awesome.

(Day 27 of Blogging everyday for 40 days)

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  1. As I've never been on Twitter, a lot is lost on me, but I daren't find out more- I have no time for it!x

    1. It can be a time waster that's for sure. I find it especially appealing when I'm procrastinating!


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