Making a Wedding Memento

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Today we've have been married for five months, which doesn't seem possible. In some ways it feels like it didn't really happen - like it was all a dream. But in other ways it feels so vivid it could've been only yesterday.

We still have the bunting, that was put on the back of our car, on display in the dining room, and we even still have some wedding cards up - although every time I have to move them to dust, I put back fewer than before.

We have the ivy swag, that sat above the fireplace at the wedding venue, wound up our banisters but all of these things will eventually be taken down.

In all honesty the swag should've gone ages ago, as all it does now is drop leaves at the merest touch, but I can't bring myself to do it. It'll be like the day you have to take down the Christmas tree. And nobody likes that day.

I decided to make a permanent reminder of our day using all of the little mementos we have. It's much nicer than keeping them in a box somewhere don't you think?

I found this deep box frame in The Range for £12.99 and wasted no time in gathering together bits and pieces to go into it.

I made myself a cuppa and set to work, I had a hunch I was going to enjoy this.

I included our invitation, ribbon, dried flowers from my bouquet, Andy's buttonhole, our Thank You card, our place names (written by our five year old nephew), and the song request card that came to be our wedding dance.

I'd ordered some photo strips using an app called Cheerz depicting a few of our favourite moments of the day. I paid £9.40 (£2.95 of which was postage) for five strips of four photos, they turned up within three days, which I was rather pleased with.

I played around with different layouts until I found one I was happy with, in the end I cut some of the strips into individual photos for a better fit.

Then I set about pinning everything into place. I thought about using glue or double sided tape but I know from past experience that eventually the glue or tape would show through, especially on the photographs, so I used the pins supplied with the frame.

It currently sits on our mantelpiece until we can decide on a more permanent home for it. I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

What have you done with your wedding memorabilia?

(Day 5 of blogging everyday for 40 days)

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  1. How on earth has it been five months already? xx

  2. Oh I LOVE this! I might have to pop down to The Range and get one of those to save for after our wedding.

    1. Definitely do. It's the best sized one I found. Hope the wedding plans are progressing well!

  3. Mine would be in a box! I'm not sure I kept that much- my bouquet just looked manky after drying it so I chucked it! Not sure we have much left.
    This does look fabulous, it is a really clever idea of how to remember your special day and see it!x

    1. Thanks, I'm pleased with how it turned out. Andy likes it too, he said it's very pretty :)
      I kept everything! I got so sentimental that I'm having to be strict and declutter. I don't need receipts for the candles now do I?


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