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Monday, September 07, 2015

I bought this dress for our honeymoon. It fits nicely, has sleeves, a flattering neckline, is a nice length, is a bit swirly, makes me feel girly and all sorts of summery. I love it, it's a most perfect dress.

I wore it twice while we were away and then emptied my suitcase into the washing machine when we returned home. I hung it up and huzzah! it didn't need ironing.

But then I noticed a hole on the waistband, front and centre. The seam had frayed. Gutted.

I looked online to see if I could order a replacement and send the other one back for a refund. No luck.

For some reason I couldn't bring myself to return it but there's no point in holding onto something I'm not going to wear again.

So I need to mend it. Sadly, it's not a simple case of sewing it back together as the material has frayed.

My question is... what's the best way to mend it so that I can then disguise the area with something pretty?

I'm thinking of using some interfacing on the inside and then sewing zig zag across the area to strengthen it (and hopefully prevent it from happening again).

As for the embellishment I'm thinking a row of buttons (you know how much I like buttons), or a couple of brooches pinned in place.

Perhaps some navy lace or applique?

Or some brightly coloured embroidery?

A faux belt buckle?

I need to run wild in a haberdashery.

Which reminds me of this - when standing outside a haberdashery the other day and little boy walked by with his Mum. He said 'a haberdashery, that's on of those places full of things just for men isn't it?' his Mother and I looked at each other a laughed. I don't know what's he's thinking of but, no, it most certainly is not.

So project dress sos - any ideas?

(Day 9 of blogging everyday for 40 days)

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  1. Sorry, usual problem with your blog and my phone! It absolutely WONT load your page and totally stuffs up my internet until I switch my phone off! (same with Claire Justine's blog too!) - this is SUCH a nice dress, SUCH a shame about the fray! All your ideas are really good- could you interface the inside, do the zigzaggy thing and then sew a new waistband onto it to cover it up if that fails- e.g. a navy blue, or comparable blue from the frock shade!?x

    1. Kezzie that's a great idea! I'm determined to repair one way or another!
      Sorry that my blog messes with your phone :(


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