Autumn '15

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yesterday I posted my Summer '15 list, so it stands to reason that today I'd follow with my Autumn '15 list. I started these seasonal lists in the autumn last year, so I'm going to add some of the things I didn't do last year, with the intention of not failing so miserably again.

1. Forage for sloes and make some gin
I did this last year and the result still sits in the cupboard waiting to be enjoyed, you can drink it after three months but I was told it's much better if you wait a year. I can't wait to try it, but I'm saving it for the festive season. This autumn I'll be preparing another batch for next year.

And, going off topic for a moment, in the summer I'm going to make elderflower gin (just popping the link here so I don't forget!).

2. Go to the beach
I didn't go in Autumn last year, the plan was to wrap up warm and eat hot salty, vinegary chips. But I will go. And yes, I did this a few days ago but strolling along the beach with hardly a soul to be seen was wonderful. I started from one end of the promenade and ended at the other with some salty chips and a mug of hot sweet tea. Sitting there on a slightly grubby bench, I started reading a book I'd just picked up for a quid in a charity shop - Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. I enjoyed the bracing sea air, the sound of the waves, the solitude, and the chips. Things like this should be repeated ad infinitum.

3. Watch Hamlet
National Theatre Live at my local cinema. Two words - Benedict Cumberbatch. Thursday October 15th. Must. Not. Forget.

4. Carve a pumpkin or two
Hopefully I'll have better luck than in 2013, when I slipped with the knife whilst carving the face and cut my finger.

5. Watch a creepy film on Halloween
This is another one I failed to do last year. Queue some Propercorn (fiery worcester sauce & sun-dried tomato for Andy, sweet & salty for me) and a blanket to hide behind.

6. Bake!
Last year was the year of apple crumble, if I can find some blackberries this year I'll add them into the mix. But I'd like to try baking a Bakewell Tart (let's hope I can bake it well) (sorry not sorry), it's one of my favourites, so if you have any good recipes - point me in their direction! In the meantime I'll be trying these bakewell cupcakes.

7. Wear my scarves.
I banned myself from buying any scarves this year and so far I've managed it (if you don't include a snood (which I don't) purchased in February). I'm certain that the autumn and winter months are going to prove be the hardest to stick to my ban, so I'm going to set myself a mini challenge to wear all the scarves I own this season.

8. Read 3 books
I love reading, but sometimes I simply forget to. Adding this to my lists helps to keep me picking up my book. I have so many to read! *hides three more purchased yesterday under desk*.

9. See the new 007 film Spectre
My Dad is always a willing companion.

10. Make stew and dumplings
Andy has never eaten a dumpling. Can you imagine?

One thing I won't be doing this autumn - buying a pumpkin spiced flavour anything *pulls yucky face*

(Day 26 of blogging everyday for 40 days)

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