Summer '15

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

1. Go to the beach and eat ice cream (more than once)

OK, so I managed just two trips but they were lovely (and so was the ice cream). The first time I went it was a gorgeous morning, I went a little pink in the sunshine but by the time I'd returned home the heavens had opened.

My second visit was on a cooler day, the sun was a hazy blob behind the clouds, I decided to eat hot salty chips and drink scolding hot, sweet tea instead of having an ice cream. There was barely soul to be seen, it was bliss.

2. Exercise!

Ha! hahahahaha. Ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

OK, so I've started going to a clubbercise class (dark room, easy dance steps, disco lights and glow sticks), and a Pilates class once a week. I'm not going to jinx it by saying I'll be going every week but it does feel good to be doing something again.

3. Make a wedding album and get a few photos printed and into frames

I haven't done the album yet as I'm waiting on some photos to find their way to me from various relatives, but I have had a few printed and put into frames.

4. Make a dress or skirt (or maybe both!)

I was really after a pattern for a dress like the one above, so I could make a floral ditsy print version, but I didn't find anything even close. I'll keep looking though (any suggestions of places to buy patterns online would be greatly appreciated). That said, it's so simple I might be able to create my own pattern to work from...

5. Finish my patchwork quilt

I have made progress over the summer but it's no where near finished yet...

6. Start (and finish?) a cross stitch I've had sat in my drawer since 2013

I've made a start.

7. Redecorate our bedroom (after the kitchen)

The bedroom is untouched. The kitchen is scheduled for October. I've roped in my Mum and her husband to help and they suggested this as a 'nice month for DIY'. Who am I to argue?

I was going to paint my bedroom walls grey but I'm over it. Question is what colour do I go for instead?

8. Pick strawberries / raspberries and eat my body weight whilst still in the field
I missed the strawberry season entirely, with the honeymoon and a busy work schedule I just didn't get round to it. I'll go next year though, definitely.

I did make it in time for the raspberries. I popped up to Alder Carr Farm and spent a good half hour wandering around in the sunshine, picking (and eating) sun warmed raspberries.

At home I popped some on my Bircher breakfast, and the rest of them on the last of my homemade ice cream, which triggered the idea to make my second batch raspberry flavoured.

9. Make my own ice cream.

Yes! I started with a classic vanilla recipe from Mary Berry, and then added raspberries, but now I'm pondering some different flavours. Strawberry and lavender for example. Rhubarb maybe? Elderflower?

10. Try a new recipe.

The ice cream recipe was new to me...

I can't believe it's nearly Autumn again already. What have you got planned?

(Day 25 of blogging everyday for 40 days)

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  1. I'm yet to have an icecream on a beach this year, fail! That's my mission for next week in Spain- I'd best make it one a day to catch up ;) x

    1. I'm sure you can catch up easily. I can recommend chips at the beach on a cold day too!

  2. You've done well my dear!!! Felixstowe!!! So annoyed the flat STILL isn't finished- I could have done with a few days there!x

  3. mmm ice cream and chips! The clubbing exercise sounds like such fun!

    1. It's good fun which is half the battle when it comes to exercise!


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