New-To-Me Jumpers

Monday, September 21, 2015

I rarely go charity shopping with buying something specific in mind, I like to have a good rummage and see what I can find, but with the weather turning cooler I've started to think about (my lack of) jumpers.

A quick whiz around my local charity shops turned up two woollen lovelies. I was very restrained, only buying jumpers and leaving behind a skirt, a dress, and a tote bag.

This TU jumper cost me just £4.00 from Cancer Research. It looks brand new and is super soft.
I really like the cable detail, and the super slouchy neck doesn't get in the way of my shorter hair too much.

I'll soon have to put these ballet flats away until it warms up again but I'll keep wearing them for as long as the weather allows.

This Sisley jumper was £3.99 from the RSPCA shop, although I think thick jumpers with 3/4 sleeves are a bit pointless, I really liked the colour and the shape and so bought it home with me anyway. I'm planning on a stripe top underneath for cooler days. And a statement necklace for when I want to dress it up a bit.

These brogues are a recent wardrobe rediscovery. I've had them ages and I'd forgotten all about them.

I'm pleased that I managed to find some jumpers, I think I'll head out on another hunt in a few weeks to see what I can find. I have a jumper wish list on ASOS that comes to well over £250 so let's hope I can find enough to keep me from a woollen splurge!

Hopefully these will last a while before falling victim to the same fate that all my jumpers eventually fall to - that of the cat claws!

Are you ready for autumn?

(Day 23 of blogging everyday for 40 days)

//  A year ago today I was saying 'hello' to autumn with a new peach cheek tint and a berry lip  //

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  1. love the brogues here (I know it was more about the jumpers, but still.

  2. Awesome jumpers! And awesome metallic shoes! I agree that short sleeves on cosy jumper seems pointless, I refuse to buy those ones ;)

    1. I normally don't buy them but this one I liked too much!

  3. They do look cosy!!! I'm still rebelling against the A word but I have been wearing my raincoat! xx

    1. I wish the weather would do one thing or the other, I like the sunny spells but I don't know what to put on in the mornings!

  4. Love the metallic brogues! What brand are your black skinny jeans? I'm coming to the end of my Topshop pair's life and looking for a better replacement.


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