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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Over the course of last year I compiled a list of things that I felt were missing from my wardrobe. This was most definitely helped along by having a capsule wardrobe, which highlighted some gaps. As a result I purchased a pair of black court shoes, a basic grey tee, a black t shirt, a new winter coat last year, and most recently a denim jacket with long sleeves.

I'm slowly but surely whittling down my wardrobe to be one that my dreams are made of, and I think the addition of a few specific items will complete it.

I'm going on a mission to find as many of these items as I can, with luck by the end of the year I'll have found most of them, and I'm hoping that having this list will help stop any purchases I later regret.

In no particular order the items are;

Slouchy jeans
Slightly distressed looking, boyfriend or lose skinny, turns up maybe? I hate shopping for jeans but the perfect pair is out there...

Black knee boots
Mid heel, smart. I have some I love but they're not particularly comfortable after years of wear, I want to find another pair, and will happily invest a little more than I usually do now that I know how much I'll wear them.

Ankle boots
Small heel, leather, semi smart, Chelsea boot or brogue style, possibly burgundy. I ordered a few pairs last year but all they were all returned, I haven't given up hope of finding the perfect pair though.

Bright jumper
Pink or coral, chunky knit, round collar, raglan sleeves. This thought came on a particularly grey day, I wanted to inject some colour, and once the thought was there it didn't go away. It brought to mind this pin from my Looks I Love Pinterest board. I think it'll be a nice change from my normal muted hues.

White shirt
Semi fitted, soft fabric, rounded hem. I can't believe I don't own one!

Basic white t-shirt
A white version of the black t-shirt I purchased in the summer would be perfect.

Black jacketSemi fitted, smart, lightweight - something to wear in the evenings to go out - you know, out out.

Statement jacket
Something unusual, simple in shape and style but in an interesting material, perhaps with some sort of embellishment.

Grey jacket
Slouchy, comfy to wear in lieu of a cardigan.

Floaty floral skirt
I'm thinking a maxi, light fabric with muted toned flowers.

Black mini skirt
Not tiny mini, mid thigh mini to wear in the cooler months, probably a tweedy or textured fabric.

Floaty maxi or midi dress
Something with a cap sleeve, v neck, loose fitting

Smart trousers 
With a high waist, a wide leg. If I can't find a black pair a navy pinstripe or tweed will do.

I have images in my mind of how all of these items should look, which of course will make it much harder to find something that fits the bill, but hunting for the right things is half the fun of clothes shopping.

Do you have a list like this?

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  1. the issue I have is that as soon as I have something pictured in my head, I can NEVER find exactly what I'm looking for. So these days I try to just look through rails and decide if anything grabs me so much that I can't leave without it. xx

    1. There is always that, but I'm hoping by identifying the gaps I can fill them with suitable items, even if they're not exactly as I imagine them. I want to buy things that fit with the rest of my wardrobe, of course there will inevitably be items I see and simply have to have regardless of how they fit - I just can't help myself!

  2. Such a good idea of an exercise! I too often find that my clothes are a mish mash of stuff I liked but none of them go together or are particularly suitable for anything!

    1. That's exactly how I used to feel!

  3. Wow, it seems you know exactly what you want, Hazel. I always have things to look out for in my head, but like Sophie, I usually have problems finding exactly what I want. And then I end up buying something else entirely. I am really hopeless, but I know I am, which I guess is a start ... xxx

  4. It's such a good idea to make a list of the things you feel are missing from your wardrobe. I invested in a new pair of ankle boots this winter, mainly because the zip went on the pair I had. They're the comfiest boots I've ever had, biker style and fur lined round the top, which makes them really warm.

    1. They sounds fab, boots are such a good staple.

  5. Having a defined shopping list is SUCH a good idea - I keep one in my head, but that's not really that useful when I'm out shopping, I need to transfer it to my phone I think.

    1. I'm hoping it will work, but time will tell...

  6. I'm like Sophie or Ann but more often than not, I just see what takes my fancy when I'm out!! X

    1. that's how I ended up with more clothes than I knew what to do with ;) (and this list doesn't mean I won't buy something different).

  7. I have a very detailed shopping list, too. Similar to this one. I have one for myself and for each of my sons. I will wait until I find the perfect match of what I'm looking for. I have enough clothing that I can do without, but each item I want for myself would maximize the items I already have. As far as for my sons, they grow so much that I keep a 'to grow into' box for each and I fill in as needed.


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