This Week #4

Friday, February 10, 2017

Normally in my This Week posts I list five things that have stood out for me over the past week. But, sad as it might seem, I can't really think of one thing never mind five.

It sounds dull, but it isn't, not to me. Since the beginning of the year I've been enjoying some quiet time. My days follow a similar pattern, weekends don't really exist. Andy works, so I do too, and the weekend is much like any other day of the week. If Andy is home on a Sunday afternoon we'll pop and see family, or go for a walk.

Life currently has a gentle rhythm. I get up, potter about tidying, and doing what ever jumps out at me - laundry, vacuuming. I'll bathe, dress, and work for a few hours. Andy isn't crazy busy at work at the moment so he's able to come home for lunch most days.

In the afternoon I'll work for a few more hours, I'll blog or spend time organising life - paying bills, ordering groceries. If I'm going to work out I'll do it in the afternoon, before settling down with a book and cuppa to read for a while before Andy comes home and I cook our evening meal.

Reading has been my stress relief recently. I'm one of life's worriers, I overthink everything and reading helps to stop me getting inside my own head. Sometimes I find I have to read a paragraph several times before I stop thinking and start reading. But when I do, it's a great way to relax.

Once we've eaten and caught up with the news of each others day, we tidy up and I make sure I'm all set for the next day's evening meal (you wouldn't believe how frequently I plan a meal but fail to get a vital ingredient out of the freezer), then we settle down for an evening in front of the TV with a film or a boxset, usually accompanied by two sleeping cats.

I will get bored of this routine at some point, I'll crave change, but for now the routine is comforting. It feels like we're in hibernation, preparing for spring when we'll venture outside our bubble and engage with the world once again.

I'm looking forward to it, I'm just not ready for it just yet.

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  1. Your routine sounds lovely and relaxing :-)

    Books are my way of escaping from the world.

    1. I can't get enough of reading at the moment!

  2. It sounds perfect to me! I'm starting to learn to love quiet time rather than always being on the go or doing something just for the sake of being busy.

    1. There seems to be a need to be busy, that busy is best, but I'm not buying into it.

  3. A gentle pace of life seems ideal for February, and would be my schedule too, if I had a choice. I too am one of life's worriers, so I know exactly what you mean, and finding solace and relaxation in reading is, for me, one of life's greatest pleasures. I'm sure a different routine will automatically present itself once spring is here ... xxx

  4. I've found myself doing much the same at the moment, but like you, I love it. It's nice to just go with the flow of the day and spend time relaxing, especially after a busy week. I've been losing myself in books a lot recently too, I think the up and down weather has also meant I've been indulging in spending time indoors too, and I'm all for taking it easy rather than rushing and pushing being busy. - Tasha

  5. I love reading about how other people pass their time, its always interesting and insightful.
    I'm just getting back into my routine but it's hard to settle after a month of adventure. TV's definitely taking centre stage in the evenings at the mo, I'm catching up with all I've missed. xxx


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