A Photo An Hour | Feb '17

Monday, February 20, 2017

8am - not a bad time to be woken up by a hungry cat wanting some food.

9am - Breakfast

10am - showered, dressed, face in progress

11am - I couldn't make up my mind about what to do, so much on the to-do list but I sat with a cuppa and read a little instead. Time spent reading is always time well spent. In stark contrast the following day I'd ticked off several things on the list before 10am.

12pm - Doing something less interesting but more productive. Ironing. Blurgh.

1pm - After lunch I got back to it, almost done though. If I didn't leave the ironing pile to get so big it wouldn't take so long, but this is something I never seem to learn.

2pm - I gave up trying to be productive and hit the sofa with my book and a snack. I'm going sugar free at the moment to treat an allergy to sugar beet. But so many products have sugar in (basically anything not made from scratch in your own kitchen), I think I might starve. Dates give me a (natural) sugar fix, but I can't stop thinking about chocolate.

3pm - still reading.

4pm - Finished.

5pm - trying a new recipe Spinach Lasagna. Not bad, if a little soggy, it was actually much tastier when reheated for supper the next day. As with most veggie recipes I felt it could be improved with a little ham... (and I would've done so if one of the ingredients used to roast the ham wasn't sugar).

6pm - waiting for supper to finish cooking, stuck under a cat.

7pm - Tinker managed to make me spill an almost full cup of tea on my lap, so I was early into my PJs.

8pm - Fire roaring, cats snoozing, husband home, The West Wing boxset (again).

9pm - New book selected. One that's been on my shelf for years. Loving it so far.

Saturday February 18th - Photo An hour arranged by Louisa and Jane - thanks ladies!

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  1. I heartily approve of the amount of cats and tea and books featured in these photos! A Saturday that features all three is definitely a great Saturday.

    1. It was, despite nothing much happening.

  2. I love these posts!
    Can your cat have a word with ours? Both seem to think that 6.15am is an acceptable time to wake us up. xxx

    1. I have to say that 8am is a rare treat, he normally wakes me much earlier.

  3. So many delightful cat pictures! This looks like a perfect Saturday to me, ironing aside. I have no patience for ironing.

  4. Yay, love your cats, even if they want you to wear a liquid tea dress!!! Urgh, ironing is the pits! Poor you, I try to avoid for as long as poss!
    Hope all is good for you!!x

  5. I very much liked reading your post, Hazel. With a cat, you normally don't need an alarm clock, and they can be delightful company while you're reading. I see that you are chain-reading too, like me, only I take longer to finish a book. Much longer ... I hear you on the ironing ... I always leave it too long too ... xxx

    1. Ironing is already piling up again! I' on a bit of a reading frenzy at the moment, I'm on book no.10 this year already which is very unlike me, but I have had a lot of time for reading recently so I'm sure this will slow down.


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