A Buyer's Archive | February '17

Monday, February 27, 2017

I found myself idly scrolling though the ASOS sale. I had no intention of buying anything, I was just wasting time, waiting for Andy to finish a phone call so we could continue watching season six of The West Wing for the tenth time. And then I saw this dress. I had a maxi dress, a floral one, on my shopping list but I kinda fell in love with this.

February 2017

Dress  |  £18.00  |  ASOS
Did you notice the pockets? It was originally £50.00 but was reduced to £18.00, I had £10 in vouchers to use so a cheeky £8.00 later this was mine! It'll definitely be making an appearance in my spring capsule. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some warm weather, failing that it works well with the denim jacket I purchased last month.

In February last year I purchased a very odd collection of items, and it's safe to say that these were never worn as an ensemble!

February 2016

Beaded clutch bag  |  £6.49  |  ebay auction
Purchased for a ball, taken to the ball, almost taken to a wedding in July, left in the wardrobe ever since.

Slippers  |  £10.00  |  Next
Worn all year round until I could no longer ignore the the fact I'd worn through the sole on both feet. My Mum gave me a similar pair for Christmas with a more robust sole so they might last even longer...

Bikini  |  £30.00  |  Next
Worn once - under a robe for a spa day. The only other person to see this was the massage therapist, and even then she only saw the bottoms. To be fair there was the possibility of using the Jacuzzi so I did need one to wear one but I now realise I could've managed with the slightly tatty tankini I already owned. £30.00 wasted.

Total for February: £8.00

Total so far for 2017: £55.98

Total at this time last year: £104.49

Inspired by Elise, I'm posting my clothing and accessory purchases each month in A Buyer's Archive, to keep track of what I'm buying and spending, and to compare with that of last year.

Look out for the hashtag to see others taking part. 

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  1. Oh, I love a dress with pockets! You can't go wrong at that price! x

  2. I can totally see you in that dress, it's lovely! What a great price, too.
    Love last year's beaded purse. I had to laugh, the joys of getting to a certain age when you get more wear out of slippers than you do a bikini! xxx

    1. Haha, I hadn't thought of it like that! I should really do something about that :)

  3. You can't beat a dress with pockets, and even more so at that bargain price!

  4. Well done on bagging that dress at such a great price. And pockets as well. I'm always wearing my slippers until they totally fall apart too. xxx

  5. Ooh that dress is gorgeous, it will look ace on you. And what a bargain!

  6. I do love that dress, pockets and only £8 - wahoo! :D


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