Three Things I Should Do More Often

Thursday, March 02, 2017

1. Phone my Mum
I stopped writing this to phone her. She's fine, but I should ring her more often.

2. Go for a walk
Being outside, for the sake of being outside instead of being because you need to get somewhere, is guaranteed to lift your mood. Ten minutes is enough but an hour is better.

3. Focus
I'm easily distracted. I want to focus on what I'm doing, on doing one thing at a time, and doing it well.

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  1. When I moved out, if I didn't ring my mum she'd send me frantic worried texts (without thinking to call me instead!)

    1. you have to wonder at the logic of that :)

  2. Ring your Mum as often as you can. I'd give anything to be able to talk to mine. xxx

  3. Ringing my mum is pointless - she's never in and calling her mobile from Switzerland is too expensive. We keep in touch via Facebook and WhatsApp.

  4. Like Vix, I'd give anything to be able to talk to my mum. And dad. So, definitely ring her more often. Like you, I should go for a walk more often. Now, if only the weather would allow me to ... xxx

    1. The weather has been pretty awful!

  5. I ring my Mum most days, that's the handy thing about commuting! I've made a real sterling effort to ring my Dad more often in the last year because like you, I thought about it though I think he feels like my 'stress about houses, ask about houses' hotline at the moment!


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