A Buyer's Archive | March '17

Thursday, March 30, 2017

After a frugal February I expected to make quite a few purchases this month and I was right. I kinda went a little overboard with my spending.

This year

Maxi skirt  |  pre loved via ebay  |  £0.99
I can imagine wearing this, with the hem skimming the sand of a far away beach. It'll probably skim no more than the streets of mid Suffolk this year, perhaps the pebbly beach of Felixstowe, but I can live in hope! It needs mending (the seller didn't mention a rip), and probably taking up and it's super long, but I'm looking forward to wearing it.

New Look heart shirt  |  £4.00  |  F&F floral top  |  £3.00  |  local charity shop 
Looking ahead to my capsule wardrobe change over I wanted to add a few prints for spring. A little rummage in my local charity shop offered up these two tops. I love the little hearts!

New Look Shirt dress  |  pre loved via ebay  |  £6.50
I have a black shirt dress that I love, it's easy to wear so when I spied this floral version on ebay I couldn't resist - it's perfect for spring.

T-shirt £4.00  |  Dress £24.99  |  Dress £9.00  |  all New Look
New Look had a sale, what was I supposed to do? 

ASOS boyfriend jeans  |  pre loved via ebay  |  £9.99
Too much of a bargain to pass up, they still had the tags on (originally £30.00). The seller purchased them last year but had never worn them. 

The prospect of warmer weather clearly sent me into a bit of a buying frenzy!

Last year

In March last year I spent £78.19.

March 2016

T-shirt Bras  |  New Look via ASOS  |  £7.99
Standard stuff, worn a lot. Not much else to say.

Skirt  |  clothes swap  |  Free!
I love this skirt. After altering it I wore it a lot in the spring.

Long cardigan  |  H&M  |   £14.99
Worn once or twice but I went off it after a short while. I'm going to try it in my spring capsule and if it doesn't get worn it'll be popped in the charity bag.

New Look Sunglasses |  New Look via ASOS  |  £12.99
Worn a lot, and will be again when the sun comes out.

Bras  |  Next  |  £20.00
I wore the black one once but soon realised that it wasn't a good or comfortable fit. They both went to the charity shop.

Dorothy Perkins dress  |  £0.99 and New Look dress  |   £1.24  |  both via ebay
Neither of these stayed in my possession for very long. The one on the left didn't fit well. The other was rather more colourful than the ebay photo led me to believe, both were given to charity within days.

Black heels |  New Look  |  £19.99
Thankfully these are much more comfortable than the ones I purchased earlier in the year. I've only worn them an few times but they're comfortable and a good staple to have.

Some good purchases last year in the New Look bras, sunglasses, and heels. The clothes swap skirt was definitely a winner. But once again I feel I wasted money. I'm hoping that this won't be such a common theme when I look back at this year's purchases next year.

Total for March: £62.47

Total so far for 2017: £118.45

Total at this time last year: £182.68

What have you been buying this month?

Look out for the hashtag on Twitter to see others taking part. 

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  1. That New Look sale got me too. I've just bought a black, long sleeved, skater dress with a lattice front. I can never have enough dresses. Also, this weekend calls for some charity shopping so I'm sure they're be another piece or two added to my wardrobe before Monday.

    1. Ah, a healthy appetite for shopping - that's what I like to see :)
      The dress sounds lovely, I don't wear them nearly enough but I hope to get a lot of wear out of these recent purchases!

  2. I'm pretty sure I've only bought three things this month- a pair of jeans and a cardigan, both sale purchaes. Then I splurged on a £30 dress from Monki as a back to work reward to myself! Still, all under £60 so pretty good for me! x

    1. Well you are good to back to work so a little shopping is justified :) xx

  3. This year's purchases are a lot more print-tastic and colourful. What a pretty selection.
    How rude for that seller not to mention the flaw in the maxi skirt. Outrageous! xxx

    1. Yes, I suppose I have gone for more colour and pattern. I hadn't noticed.
      I was annoyed about the rip but it's fixable and only cost me 99p so I'm willing to forgive ;)

  4. I may have made a sneaky little order on new look last night! I am hoping to get my buyers archive post up next week but my god March has been long! I had a charity shop spree on March 2nd and totally forgot that any of those clothes would be going in it! Haha

    1. New Look is probably my favourite high street shop. My local store has lots of the trendy 'young' items but the online shop has some fabulous stuff.
      Hehe it's easy to lose track of purchases which is why I like the Buyers Archive - it forces me to be more aware of my spending :)

  5. I love all your buys, especially the maxi skirt (boo! to the seller who forgot to mention the rip, though), the hearts top and the red flowery dress. I bought quite a lot of things in March, as there was a retro event at the charity shops, but I've already been wearing two of the dresses. xxx

    1. I love to buy new things and start to wear them immediately, I find if I don't I tend to go off them!

  6. Ooh, all of the patterns! I especially love the heart print shirt and the floral shirt dress.

    1. I don't know where the craving for pattern came from but I'm enjoying it :)


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