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Friday, March 24, 2017

At last spring is here! The sun seems to be making a more regular appearance which always lifts my spirits and makes me feel more energetic. I'm so excited to start putting my plans into action, and doing all my usual spring things.

See the bluebells
I always look forward to this, Andy and I go to local woodland and wander through the gorgeous carpet of blue. It never disappoints.

Plant up container pots and hanging baskets
This is another yearly task that I enjoy immensely, even though I know I'll be watering them daily for months I love how much colour and character they can bring to the house. They make it look so cheerful and welcoming.

Hit the beach
I'm hoping for some company this time around - my nephews with a big bags of coppers for the arcades, followed by chips, obviously.

Do It Myself
I've purchased paint for two decorating projects and I can't wait to get started.

Make a plan to grow soft fruit
My vegetable seeds are being planted this weekend, and after that I want to turn my attention to soft fruit plants - strawberries and raspberries are a must.

Having ignored my mend pile over winter I need to set about it. Most items are warmer weather clothes so the sunshine should be a good incentive.

Veggie meals
After a good start over the winter I want to continue cooking a vegetarian meal once a month. My new recipes to try are Chickpea Tikka Masala, Vegetarian Lasagna (hopefully it'll be better than the boring spinach lasagna I tried in the winter), and Three Bean Chili. And I also want to try this cucumber pickle recipe I found thanks to Vix.

Read 12 Books
I've read one book already - The Winter Place which was a tad unseasonal but enjoyable none-the-less. I'm looking forward to my first hammock reading session. Perhaps I can squeeze in a beach reading session too?

Attend the Suffolk Show
I've lived in Suffolk for most of my life and I've never been. Shame on me.

What plans have you got for the spring?

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  1. It's very Spring-like this afternoon, isn't it?
    I'm itching to get cracking on my window boxes but I'm scared of the frost getting everything.
    Hope you love the cucumber pickle as much as I do! xxx

    1. It's been a lovely afternoon - long may it continue!
      I pondered putting up a few window boxes and filling them with strawberries...?
      Looking forward to trying the cucumber pickle, I'm very intrigued as I've never tried it but I love other pickles and cucumber! xx

  2. I love spring too, just the first hint of sunshine and flowers and I feel happy. Love you plans. I definitely need to go to the beach soon and need to find some lovely woodlands for a wander.

    1. Finding a bluebell wood is a must! And beaches are always great places to be, no matter what the weather :)

  3. English bluebell woods are one of the wonders of the world! I want to start planting up some pots and baskets with spring flowers, but I doubt it we'll make it to the garden centre this weekend. Apart from the rampant Clematis our garden is looking a bit boring at the moment ... xxx

  4. Chickpea Tikka Masala sounds amazing! I may have to try that. I already make a three bean chilli, using whatever beans I have in my cupboard at the time :-)

  5. I make a 3 bean chilli with some added soy mince (just a handful or two) and it's brilliant, if I do say so myself! Black beans, kidney beans and cannellini beans are the magic ingredients.

    1. Then this shall be added to my list to try!

  6. Oooh, great list!!!! I would like to see bluebells too! And a beach visit is tres necessary! You must also try to cook Anna Jones' red lentil, sweet potato and chickpea dahl- it is aaaaaaaaaamazing!!!!
    Re the soft fruit- really regretting not taking care of my strawberries and raspberries as the strawberries have sent runners into the patio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The dahl sounds amazing, thanks for the tip, I'll seek out the recipe :)

  7. Oh and I saw the cucumber pickle too- I am soooooooooooooooooo tempted to try it as I have run out of Cucumber pickle!

    1. I've not heard of it before but it sounds delicious!


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