A Buyer's Archive | January '17

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

This year I'm joining A Buyer's Archive again with Elise, to keep track of my spending on clothes and accessories. I took part in 2016 too.

This Year 

I'm all set for winter clothes, but I did buy myself a cardigan that tickled my fancy in the Sainsbury's sale - half price at £14.00 (how could I not?), and a bra from Next £22.00, it's the first non wired bra I've worn since I was about 14 and it's unbelievably comfy.

I then purchased a cute polka dot neckerchief from ebay, £4.99, and whilst there I spotted this denim jacket for £6.99 - something that I've been keeping an eye out for - and couldn't resist.

Last Year

Looking back to January 2016 I didn't buy much, but still managed to spend £58.00.

January 2016

Long navy cardigan  |  £8.00
This was worn a lot over the year, it was in 3 of my capsules last year, and is currently in my winter capsule so it was definitely worth it's £8.00 price tag.

Sports bra  |  £4.00
Purchased for pilates, so this wasn't worn at all after the first few months of the year...

... moving swiftly on ...

Black heels  |  £6.00
Comfy in the shop, uncomfortable when I got them home. I couldn't be bothered to return them so I took them to a clothes swap in February, where I found a white midi skirt that became a firm favourite last year.

Next cream wrap cardigan  |  £40.00
I loved how this looked in my mind, but when I realised in reality it looked more like a bath robe, I put it away. It didn't come out of the wardrobe again until I listed it on ebay in December and sold it for a paltry 99p. I love getting an ebay bargain, but feel a bit miffed if I'm on the other end of it.

It feels like I wasted £50.00 last January. This year, I've already worn my Tu cardigan a lot, and as I say, the bra is super comfy, the neckerchief super cute and has been worn twice, and the jacket is exactly what I was looking for, so I think these will all turn out to be worth their pricetag.

I am hoping to spend less on clothes and accessories again this year, and this is an OK start. I'm not sure if I'm going to set myself an overall budget (I have been pondering £600) or to just aim for less than 2016.

Total for January £47.98

Total so far for 2017: £47.98

Total at this time last year: £58.00

What have you been buying this month?

Look out for the hashtag to see others taking part. 

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  1. I keep seeing non-wired bras mentioned, I'm going to have to look out for one. I got into the habit of baggy jumper and no bra over the Christmas break and wearing underwiring now feels like a prison cell! I am totally going to keep up with Buyer's Archive this year, yes I am.

    1. it's so much nicer than anything underwired, I'm definitely going to be seeking out some more

  2. That denim jacket looks perfect! x

    1. I avoided them for so long, now I'm wearing it at every opportunity!

  3. I think you did well, especially compared with January last year. A denim jacket is a staple and at that price, surely it will be less than zero per wear soon. I guess it will do well in all of your capsules. I've spent less on clothing and accessories in January.My best buy was a lovely green vintage dress for € 4. xxx

    1. It won't take long to reduce the cost per wear, even in this dreadful weather I'm finding excuses to wear it!

  4. Ha, me too on the non-wired bras!!! I picked up 2 on m&s as I've been really feeling the discomfort of wiring recently!! The cardie sounds a good bet and a nerkerchief (esp polka dots) is v versatile!! I know what you mean about wasting....me too!

    1. It's a revelation, I'm definitely going to be buying more non wired bras.
      I've a feeling the neckerchief will be worn more in the spring as I've been snuggled up in scarves recently.

  5. I did my usual thing of starting the month really well and then going on a spending spree towards the end - I need to start giving my card to Thomas to stop myself doing that! I've shamelessly stolen your brilliant round-up categories at the end of your post for mine by the way - such a good way of keeping track!

    1. Be my guest :)
      I always start with very good intentions, but as you know they can disappear in a flash!


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