Saturday, January 21, 2017

When it comes to Christmas and birthday gifts, I like people to tell me what they want, because if I'm left to my own devices I always, always, end up buying something for myself in the process of choosing a gift. Seriously, I need help.

It might seem a little unimaginative but it helps my bank balance no end, and I can always be sure the recipient will like what they receive.

The one person I don't need a list for is my husband, we never give each other lists. I'm happy to leave large hints in the form of a blog post, that he might happen across if he so chooses, but generally we like to surprise each another.

In a few months we'll celebrate our second wedding anniversary. I'm determined to buy him something to fit the cotton theme this year. Paper was easy last year, and I have a few ideas for cotton. Two of which come from UncommonGoods.

UncommonGoods got in touch and asked if I'd like to have a look at their website, I'm always intrigued to find new online shops and this particular one is full of unique gift ideas. It's a fab shop, and I what I really like about it is the commitment to sustainability - in all aspects of the business. From printing catalogues on 30% recycled paper or paper from FSC certified forests, to helping suppliers work in a socially, and environmentally responsible manner. They don't sell leather, fur or feathered goods either. Nothing has a negative impact on the environment, and respects all living things. It's refreshing to see these things being put before profits.

My first port of call was to find Andy a gift for our anniversary. We both like personalised items and this embroidered bambo hoop immediately caught my eye. Not only does it fit the cotton theme, it's simple and effective, and would look lovely in our newly decorated entrance. The novelty of having a new surname still hasn't worn off for me.

Keeping with the personalised item idea, I wondered about something else for the home, I was drawn to this tree throw. I love the pink version as we got married in the spring, but it'd be perfect for snuggling up together in the colder seasons.

I wondered if a little look at birthday gifts would throw up any interesting gift ideas for a cotton anniversary, but I got sidetracked when I saw this small bluetooth tracking device that works with an app on your phone. He's always asking me if I've seen his keys, despite having a bowl in the kitchen into which all keys are meant to be thrown when we arrive home. Clearly I still have some work to do here...

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  1. I had a look at the website, and there's some imaginative stuff there. They even ship to Belgium, so I'm bookmarking them. xxx

    1. Great! I'm glad you liked what you saw, I think they have some really unique bits and pieces.

  2. This sounds like a great source for unique presents, I will definitely have a look!

    1. It is, I saw something for everyone (mostly for myself hehe!)

  3. Interesting ideas. We were so good with our 1st anniversary and then it deteriorated after that!!! Ooops!!!
    Ha, I am THE SAME about buying pressies for myself!

  4. I've never heard of this website so I shall check it out now. I like how you're buying gifts according to which anniversary you're celebrating, it's something we've never really bought gifts for unless it's been a biggie like our 25th in 2015.

    1. I'm just a big softie, I still get emotional when I think about our wedding day, and picking out anniversary gifts brings back so may lovely memories :)

  5. For our second anniversary, I found a vintage, Gucci, all cotton pocket square on ebay which I was thrilled with (as was he). As a joke, he bought me a value 6 pack of cotton knickers (and a lovely pair of - non-cotton - shoes).


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