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Thursday, January 05, 2017

In 2016 I kept tabs on my spending with Elise by taking part in A Buyer's Archive.

I joined in as it seemed like a sensible way to help keep spending down. In 2015 I spent £1,250.86 (which includes £42.99 spend after issuing a spending ban) on clothes and accessories, and wanted to spend less in 2016.

I'd hoped for a total overall spend of around £400 but it became obvious that that wasn't going to happen when I passed that figure in July. So I set myself a new target - to spend under £745.00, as this would beat my lowest spend since I started keeping a tally back in 2012.

My overall spend for 2016 was £742.39. Seeing it all amassed here it looks like rather a lot, but I kept within my revised budget - by the skin of my teeth!

Do I feel like I made sensible purchases? For the most part yes, I still gave into temptation and made the odd impulse purchase, and I purchased items for occasions when I already had something suitable hanging in my wardrobe, what can I say? I love clothes, and I love shopping.

I often purchased things that I needed to complete my seasonal capsule wardrobes, so I'd say most purchases filled a gap - historically I used to buy whatever took my fancy and I'd work out how to wear it later. This often led to another purchase so I would have something to wear it with. I'd say this counts as progress.

I think that creating a capsule wardrobe every season helped me to spend less because sometimes I saw an item I really liked but I knew I didn't need it, so it stayed in the shop. This didn't always work, but it helped.

Keeping a tally of what I'd spent and on what also helped me to be more aware of my spending over the course of each month, and although some months I did buy a number of items, it did help me to curb my spending throughout the year. I remember thinking to myself 'you've spent enough' on numerous occasions.

So, I'm pleased that I joined in A Buyer's Archive (thank you Elise), and I'm pleased that I spent less than the previous four years!

You can see my yearly spending here 2012  /  2013  /  2014  / 2015. And you can see my monthly Buyer's Archive posts here.

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  1. You did brilliantly! The capsule challenge obviously works really well for you. There's some lovely stuff in your mosaic of buys.
    I rarely spend anything on clothes, I shop using the business account and if I fancy something I've bought for stock I just swap for something I've got in the wardrobe. I did splurge a bit last year and bought four new pairs of footwear (a grand total of £110) but as I hadn't bought new shoes for over 5 years thought I could get away with it! x

    1. Thanks Vix! There are so many items I really like and have worn a lot. I think this capsule thing might be here to stay...
      I'd say £110 on shoes after 5 years without it pretty restrained :)

  2. Hazel your clothes look absolutely gorgeous all displayed together like that! Some beautiful items and I love the muted colour palette - do you think the capsule wardrobe has helped you to keep colours and how well items go together in mind when you've been shopping? I have such a mishmash! I'm deffo going to try to keep up on Buyer's Archive this year.

    1. Thank you! I do think the capsule has helped - in more ways than one. But, yes, absolutely it's helped me identify a colour palette, I think of my capsules whenever I buy a new items.
      I'll be continuing next year too, I've already started writing January's post :)

  3. I think you did really well, Hazel, and I also think the odd impulse buy should be OK. The main thing is that you made progress in that most of your purchases were done to fill a gap. As for overall spending, I think I'd be under your target, but then I almost only buy pre-loved, except for underwear and tights ... Maybe I should keep tabs too, so that I know what I really spend. xxx

    1. Thank you. I think impulse buys are OK, as long as I don't indulge all the time! I'd like to buy more pre-loved this year, but I don't go as often as I used to as I'm looking for specific things to fill the gaps. But we'll see, most of my favourite purchases of the year where pre-loved so maybe I can do better this year. I don't buy footwear pre-loved mostly because I rarely find anything I like, and I'm with you on the undies and tights! I see them in charity shops a shudder a little! I'd like to find jeans in charity shops but I've only ever found one pair I liked at a clothes swap, and they've just about gone at the knees (I'm too old for the trendy ripped jeans look), maybe I'll have to go on a hunt for some... I do love charity shopping, and I now have a ral hankering to go! :)

  4. You did well I think! I like the way you've combined them here. It does make an attractive palette.x


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