Resolutions for 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I wasn't going to write a resolutions post, especially as the start of the new year seems like ages ago. I hadn't planned to make any resolutions at all, but the dawning of a new year turned my thoughts to a whole year stretching out before me and all the possibilities it brings. There are so many thoughts and ideas that have popped into my mind that I wanted to get them down before they become a forgotten memory.

I've incorporated some of these into my winter list already, so apologies for the repetition, but adding them to seasonal lists might give me a greater chance of success. Maybe...

I want to grow strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, and maybe build fruit cage, I love the idea of eating sun warmed berries straight from the plant. Perhaps this year I'll just try my luck with bushes planted in pots, and see how I get on...

As for the garden I want to plant a eucalyptus and a spindle somewhere, and a cherry tree, and an apple tree in pots.

Rather than using our greenhouse to just store my tools and the BBQ, I want to grow a few veg. Spring onions, leeks, potatoes, and salad leaves... for a start.

When it warms up I want to create a bee bath. I found a number of drowsy bees last year and revived them with sugar water. I'd love a beehive one day but have no idea where to begin. In addition I'd like to plant some bee friendly plants. They love the thyme I have in the front garden but I could do with some more.

I'd like to improve my flower arranging skills, either by going to a class or relying on online tutorials, I'd like to progress from dumping stems into a vase and hoping for the best.

Embrace natural cleaning, I decided that this would be the year I finally get round to swapping out my chemical cleaners for more gentle options, I've been thinking about it for too long.

I want to cook a veggie meal once a month, Andy really enjoys vegetarian food but I rarely make veggie meals.

We've got into a terrible habit of eating in front of the TV, mostly because our dining room was drafty thanks to an old wooden window and door frame, but now we have a sparkly new double glazed french doors, there's really no excuse not to eat at the table. I'll start with at least once a week.

I have so many ideas for home improvements I want to make, I drive Andy nuts with my constant musings. One thing I can do though is decorate, the more skilled stuff will have to be left to the professionals, but I can daub paint on the walls, hang pictures, change lampshades and generally make things look prettier.

Last year I realised the importance of looking after me, it's a shame that taking some time to focus on your own needs can be seen as selfish but it's so important. I now have a regular head neck and shoulder massage to prevent a re-occurring problem I have with my neck - thanks to sitting at a desk everyday - but I also need to make time for exercise, and time to just sit and be, and to do things just for me.

Some days can feel very ordinary, some days can feel like your just living the same day over and over again. I'd love to keep a detailed journal but it's beyond me, believe me I've tried, so I want to write at least one positive thing in my diary every day. So far, so good.

My word to sum up 2016 was Crystallise, this year I want it to be Change.

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  1. Good and laudable resolutions here.
    I actually think i need to do the massage one as I am having increasing numbness and pain in my wrists from typing, piano etc. I did go to the NHS Physio who didn't really help so I hope that some tension release might help in some way...


    1. My lady is amazing, I get painful tension along one side of my neck and shoulder. At times I can't move my head much and a regular six week appointment has made the world of difference. It's £30 a session but worth every penny.

  2. Yep, all excellent plans. I am desperate to eat at the table more, I even bought pretty new placemats. I had a go at thinking of which word summed up 2016 for me but haven't settled on which one, too many apply. I must refine.

    1. Our dining table is normally covered in paperwork and cats! Some pretty place settings might do the trick.
      I saw a thing on Instagram asking what three words would sum up 2016, and it wasn't until I looked back and wrote all of my 'what happened in 2016' posts that I realised what mine was.

  3. Excellent goals!
    I also want bee-friendly plants - although we only have a balcony, not a garden.

    1. it's still possible, lots of bee friendly plants are compact and perfect for container pots :)

  4. I usually don' make any resolutions at the start of the year, more when I come back from holiday. I'm full of plans then, but they hardly ever come to anything. The only thing I managed last year is start my blog, which I must say gives me more focus on the general state of my life, and where it's going. I'd never heard of a bee bath, but I did find some drowsy bees too, so maybe I'll check this out. xxx

    1. You're doing so well with your blog!
      I find I make a lot of palns and resolutions, but not all are successful, but I'm sure I'd do even less if I didn't make them in the first palace.

  5. What excellent resolutions! I moved our dining table last year, to make it more accessible (it was shoved in a bay window with a chair in front of it) so we'd eat at it more... I think we managed twice in all of 2016! Must do better.

    1. You'd think something so simple would be easy, but we're already failing at this one.


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