Winter '17

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Now we've had a flurry of snow, I have a hankering for more. I know it can be a pain but I do like waking up to a covering of snow, watching the flakes silently falling, wrapping up warm and taking a walk in the crisp, crunchy snow, and then warming up with a cuppa by the fire.

There isn't much that screams 'It's winter!' in the way that snow does, sadly I can't make it snow but I can get on with my plans for the winter months - preparing for spring, indulging in lots of lovely insidoor activities...

1. Read 12 books
I want to work my way through my stash of books this year. I've made a good start, three weeks in to the year and I'm on my fourth book.

2. Plan my greenhouse growings
I want to start growing a few veg, and maybe build a fruit cage for soft fruit.

3. Make home improvements
I feel like I do this at the start of each year, I don't know why a new year would kick off thoughts of DIY, when spring is a much better time to get the paintbrushes out, but there you go, let's see how I do...

4. Mend
I have a number of items that need altering or mending - an afternoon spent working my way through this pile would be an afternoon well spent.

5. Felt
I have a friend coming over so I can teach her needle felting, and having failed to do any of my Christmas projects last year I want to get a head start and make at least one thing from my list for this year.

6. Veggie meals
Try 3 veggie recipes, I don't often cook vegetarian meals but if I do one a month by the end of the year I should have a number that we both like to weave in to our weekly meal plan.

7. Do stuff
By this I mean make plans for my weekends - an outing, a project, lunch with a friend, something to get me out of my everyday routine and shake things up a bit. I rarely sit about doing nothing but a lack of planning means I waste a lot of time - mostly on social media!

I'd like to see my weekends transform, to be free from work and put to better use. The point is to give me a focus, something to look forward to, and by making myself make plans I'll do more with my spare time. It'll hopefully eradicate the weekends that end with me wondering 'what I actually do this weekend?' I hate the feeling of time wasted.

What have you been doing / want to do with your time over winter?

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  1. I'm kind of gutted that we had not so much as a flake of snow where I live- it's a pain in the arse but I do love to see it! xx

    1. we had a lovely flurry with big snowflakes but within an hour it'd all disappeared.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes snow. So many people have been really negative about it this year. What a shame it didn't last, though.

    I like your idea of making a loose list like this to help you focus. And like you, I'm hoping to do a bit around the house in the winter. My mom's coming to visit & is very handy (unlike both me & my husband), so I am hoping to persuade her to help out!

    1. I think if I had to get up and drive to work I'd moan a little, but I don't, so I can just enjoy it from the comfort of my home :)
      It's always handy to have a competent family member. Mine is my Dad, he must dread coming over as I always find him something to do!

  3. I think winter is the perfect time to make home improvements (indoors only, obviously!), probably nothing too drastic, but I think it definitely helps to keep things interesting- especially as we spend so much time indoors at this time of year.

    1. That's a good point, I hadn't though of it like that. Being happy in our surroundings is very important, particularly when we're spending a lot of time in them.

  4. I spent most of the weekend tidying!! Lots going on in terms of looking at houses. Since our house fell through we are just gloomy and depressed about the whole home thing. Would be nice to have our own home to improve.x

    1. You will Kezzie, soon. And it'll be the most perfect home xx

  5. I do like a bit of snow myself, but we haven't had much here so far, and what we had came and went within a day. I'd like to make better use of my weekends too, as I'm in a rut. I'd like to go out walking more, and explore some new places, but as we're still clearing the contents of my dad's house, there isn't much time. I'm also still on my first book ... xxx

    1. I hope you can get things sorted at your Dad's house very soon. I imagine you'll get a real feeling of closure when it's all done. And then, time for reading, walking, exploring, and having adventures!

  6. We had a smattering of snow but it didn't last long. I don't mind snow if I'm indoors and don't have to venture out in it. That's a good winter list, I really must have a go at needle felting myself, I've got a kit which Mick bought me ages ago and I still haven't attempted it.

    1. I think snow punctuates the season nicely, it's like it makes it a real winter. But it is nice if it can snow and then go away swiftly and without too much fuss and disruption - I don't ask for much! ;)
      And, yes!, needle felting is so much fun!

  7. I only like snow if I don't have anywhere to go. As for resolutions, I'm restarting my journal for the first time in about 12 years in the hope it'll kick-start my creative juices - I've been writing a novel for 5,364 years and am desperate to finish it this year.

    1. It does hold more magic if you don't have to battle through it!
      I'm intrigued by the novel - do finish it!


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