Random thoughts I have whilst wasting time on Pinterest

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

At any given time the number of ideas and ponderings floating around my mind goes well into double figures.

On Sunday I sat at my desk (to do some work) but instantly got lost in Pinterest.

To start with my thoughts where to just look at some pretty pictures for a short while and then start work. I whizzed down my feed randomly liking pins.

Here are some examples of my pinspired thoughts:

Image credit styledumonde.com

I can style my next day dress like this - add a black waistband, petticoat and accessories. I should wear more dresses. Who is this? Ulyana Sergeenko, I love her style.

Image credit - I can't quite work out who to credit this delightful image but I found it here

I should have a tea party for my birthday invite all my female friends and wear a pretty dress. How old is this lady? About 70? I want a party with a cake on my 70th, I'll invite all my female friends and wear a pretty dress. I should wear more dresses.

Image credit: from a Tumblr account here

This is a nice length. Will show this to my stylist at my next hair appointment.

Perfect to wear with my white lace maxi dress... maybe in sage green? Love the brooch. I should wear more dresses. And brooches.

Chefchaouen, Morocco. Wow! This looks gorgeous, I want to go.

Image credit: The Cookie Rookie

This looks tasty. I should eat avocados. Avocados are good for you.

And just like every other time I sit down and waste time on Pinterest I doubt any of these thoughts will make it into reality. But it's nice to look at pretty pictures and lose myself in my thoughts for a while.

Do you Pin?

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  1. I have similar thoughts when I'm on Pinterest. Although, I think more about how I should wear my leather jacket more.

  2. Yes I could spend hours on Pinterest, I love it! I think I would love a party with a cake too.

    1. It's not a party without cake!
      I can scroll away for hours, shame I can't put the time to better use but I don't see my enjoyment changing anytime soon :)

  3. Oh, that cake lady. I love it! I've never signed up for Pintrest, I'm too scared of all the time I'd lose.

    1. Isn't she adorable?
      You really would lose hours if you signed up - stay away, you're too busy as it is!

  4. I darent do pinterest!! These pics are Amazing!!!!x

    1. And this is but a teeny tiny fraction of them...


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