Resolutions for 2016

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

I'm not going to make any resolutions for 2016.

I already make seasonal lists and I have a Birthday Wish list too. I love a list like the next list obsessive but even I think another one would be too much.

So here's a little update on my Wish List for Year 40.

Create calm
The house is in chaos after Christmas but I feel I've made a good start on de-cluttering. The calm aspect of it still eludes me but I haven't finished the tidying process yet, but progress is being made.

Improve my surroundings
Since my birthday I've done very little to tick anything off my home improvements list, which is why I've added a list of specific things I want to achieve to my winter list.

These are the things I have done
- Hung new brackets for hanging baskets
- Planted shrubs in two beds in the back garden
- Changed lampshade in downstairs loo
- Altered and hung bedroom curtains

Feel stronger and healthier
Pilates and Clubbercise each week are definitely helping. I'd like to find something else to do too.

Eat healthier
"I want to cook from scratch far more than I do now. First step is to find recipes to make our favourite staple dishes instead of cooking out of jars." This was also a resolution for 2015, I tried lots of new recipes but not of our staples. To start, recipes for lasagna and spag-bol need to be investigated, so that I can tweak and perfect them, and reach for ingredients instead of a jar. 

Make memories
My favourite memory of year 40 so far is my Sahara trip. Sleeping under the stars, running up sandunes in bare feet, and experiencing a sandstorm with a super group of people are moments that will stay with me forever.

These memories don't need to be huge, the quick trip that Andy and I took to buy Christmas decorations this year was super lovely too.

I'm beginning to think that 'Make memories' was a silly thing to list. I guess what I really meant was to learn to appreciate the good stuff. We make memories everyday - nice or otherwise - the trick is to keep hold of the good ones. I started a memory jar at the beginning of 2015 but, ironically, I forgot to add anything after my January enthusiasm wore off.

So I'm going to tweak this 'wish' to make an effort to document all the good bits photographically. I take loads of photos but I often find that I forget to take pics when I'm with others, just one snapshot is enough to capture a moment.

Overall I'm happy with progress so far, it's been good to evaluate and has given me renewed enthusiasm.

Are you making resolutions this year?

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  1. Some really great goals here, wishing you good luck with them all. I live for memories - the big ones and the little ones - appreciating what is going on, taking photographs, allowing ourselves to reminisce and think about what we've done/achieved/enjoyed is a great way of encouraging us to keep at it for more.

  2. I think the thing about lists like these is that they do need some tweaking as time goes by and this time of year is as good a time as any to make any changes which need to be made. I'm just the same, forgetting to take photographs when I'm with other people. I intended taking lots of photos when we were opening presents on Christmas morning, I'm not sure how many more Christmas mornings we'll have Daniel with us, but I forgot completely. I must try harder.


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