My 'Spending Ban'

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I issued a spending ban. But I caved. I doubt anyone will be surprised. I wasn't.

I was in a charity shop, back in November (in my defense I was making a donation), when I tripped and fell into the changing room with some knitwear.

And then I was pondering what to wear over the festive period. You might recall a red dress I picked up at a clothes swap? I wanted to wear it but I needed a shrug or cardigan of some description to wear with it, so this teeny tiny eBay purchase occurred.

And whilst that was going on, this dress happened (Monsoon, £8.50, excellent condition - how could I not?).

And this jacket.

But that's it I promise.

Except for some long sleeve t-shirts to wear under jumpers, but only after I discovered three of mine had holes in them. But that really is it.

Apart from a Next jumper that I bought in lieu of a novelty Christmas jumper. It's super, super soft, and has really long sleeves. It's so cosy and I was starting to feel poorly and, heck, I just wanted it! What's more because I bought it instead of a Christmas Jumper, I can wear it all year round and I've worn it a lot already. So, it's totally justified, right?

Do spending bans ever work?

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  1. Your spending ban looks very similar to every spending ban I have ever tried... I think knowing that you 'can't' spend makes you want to even more! Everything you bought are great finds - I love the jacket!
    Leanne | Little Babble

    1. The jacket is my favourite.
      Last year I banned myself from buying PJs and scarves - two things I have more than enough of - and this, for some reason, worked a treat.

  2. I know bans don't work with me so I'm just trying to keep a rein on myself which works better (esp with moving!)x

  3. Haha, this all sounds very familiar! I HAVE made spending bans work in the past, but only by formalising them (e.g. I will ban all spending on x,y, z until a specific date). If I just say to myself, "right, no buying any clothes this month" it's always a dismal failure.

    1. There is definitely something to that - when I banned PJ and scarf purchases last year it worked a treat.


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