12 Days of Christmas

Monday, January 11, 2016

I took part in the 12 Days of Christmas Swap this year organised by Jo at Through the Keyhole. The idea was to send 12 gifts, one to be opened each day of the 12 days of Christmas.

I was partnered with Alcea Rosea and this is what I received.

A box full of beautifully wrapped and numbered gifts, I was very good and resisted the temptation to open them all the day they arrived!

My first gift was a notebook with a cat on the front. Two of my favourite things right there! Some scissors which have been getting lots of use as I sew my patchwork quilt. A handmade decoration that was immediately hung on my tree. And two scented pouches with cute kittens on.

Another beautiful tree decoration, I think this is called tatting, but I'm not sure, perhaps it's lacing? It's beautiful either way. A large bell that I put on the tree near the bottom so the cats could play with it. Some chocolate (so good!), and another scented item that now resides in my sock drawer.

Some soap that I've yet to start using, it just looks so pretty tied up and wrapped in lovely material. I'm intrigued to see if there is enough material for me to use it to make a flower for my quilt. Some tweezers that I've used when crafting (sometimes I find I need to glue together tiny items and these are perfect!). I also received a chocolate lovers recipe book, of which this chocolate fudge cake will be my first bake. And lastly some chocolate with my name on. I love things with my name on, when I was a child my name never appeared on anything. My best friend was called Karen and she was always showing me her latest pencil case with her name, or a cute mug. The only time I was ever given something with my name on was when Karen returned from a holiday in Wales with a blue mug and my name printed in white. I was delighted!! To receive something with my name on as an adult really pleases me.

I forgot to photograph the gifts I sent to Alcea Rosea, other than this one of them all wrapped up!

Many thanks to Jo for organising a fun swap, and huge thanks also to Alcea Rosea for such lovely and thoughtful gifts.

Did you join in any swaps this year?

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  1. You received some lovely gifts. I think everyone's done so well, the bloggers taking part have really done their research to find out what their partner's would like. I'm glad you had fun with the swap.

  2. I did a couple of swaps this year. My own one, which I organise each year, and also Janet's Thrifty Gift swap. I do love putting the parcels together and it is so lovely when you find that someone enjoyed what you sent them. Your gifts look lovely!

    1. I was so pleased with what I received, I just hope my swap partner was pleased too.

  3. This is such a great idea for a swap! I love lots of little presents so this would be perfect for me. What a lovely bunch of gifts, you did well.

    1. It was lovely to have something to open after Christmas Day, I looked forward to my daily gift. Shame it had to end really, but, yes I was very lucky with my gifts, I like them all.

  4. You did really well! What lovely gifts! I really like the material on the soap!x

  5. I love the idea of the 12 days of Christmas, surely it gives you a little extra to look forward to after the excitement of the big day! Your gifts look very thoughtful. This year, I took part in Janet's thrifty swap- I had to shop for Janet! I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be doing it next year, maybe the 12 days of Christmas! x


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