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Sunday, January 03, 2016

I spent a lot on clothes in 2015, so much in fact that when I worked out the exact figure, I issued an immediate spending ban. I've added some lovely items to my wardrobe and despite wishing I hadn't spent quite so much, I think I've bought some absolute corkers.

My favourites

My 'Next Day Dress', £69, and the dress I wore for my Mum's wedding, £85.

My day after dress has already been worn again, on our honeymoon, and I am going to wear it to a ball this year. Ordinarily I would buy something new but I want to wear the dress again so much that it's eclipsed my urge to shop!

The dress I purchased for my Mum's wedding has also been worn again, to a friend's wedding reception and for afternoon tea with Sophie. I'm also hoping to wear it again for a family wedding in July.

These where my two most expensive items overall. But finding something you love doesn't mean you have to spend a lot, charity shops can offer some pretty amazing items, which is where I found some of my other favourites

Mango shirt, a few quid.

Monsoon rara skirt, less than a fiver.

White summer dress, about £7.50

Jumpers, I bought 4 jumpers for less than the cost of one from the high street.

And clothes swaps can offer up some gems too - I've worn the Louche dress a few times already, and the red dress on Christmas Day. All they cost me was the donation of clothes I no longer wore (the patterned dress went to a charity shop in the end).

Most expensive pre-loved item
Irregular Choice Frog shoes £34.99, they're in almost perfect condition and still yet to be worn by me. I've admired these shoes on Alex and Char for ages and so when I saw a pair on eBay at a price I was happy with I hit Buy It Now.

Most worn item?
Jeans. I didn't buy this particular pair until June but they still managed to be my most worn item. My love of jeans will never wane.

Any unworn of 2015 purchases?
Bird Dress (needs altering), Kew shorts (purchased after the summer), Frog ICs (earmarked for a special event), and an oversize white dress (relatively new).

2015 resolutions
I banned myself from buying any scarves or pyjamas in 2015, although when I made this resolution I'd forgotten about my tradition of having new PJs for Christmas Eve - so I bought a pair.

As for scarves I resisted and didn't buy a single one, my only scarf addition came in the form of a Christmas present from Sophie. Thank you lovely!

Still not worn
I have one item in my wardrobe, purchased in 2014, that remains unworn - a Monsoon pencil skirt. I won it on eBay for £5.19 and I love it. I just need to find the right items to wear with it, and then actually wear. Isn't it pretty?

I can't let a post about things I wore in 2015 go by without giving my wedding dress a mention. It is truly the most amazing thing I've ever worn. I did quite a bit of gushing about it over on To Dream of Dresses.

The thing I learnt this year is that buying clothes you really love means you'll wear them, even if it sometimes means spending a little more than you normally would (although I say again - finding something you love doesn't mean you have to spend a lot).

For the coming year I'd like to stick with my ban on scarves and PJs (I might forgo new Christmas Eve PJs come December. Maybe. I make no promises).

I'd like to spend considerably less than last year, and I'd like to focus on buying things that enable me to wear the items I already have a lot more - the monsoon skirt for example.

But more than that I'd like to try living with a capsule wardrobe that changes every season. More on that in a future post...

I hope you've enjoyed a look back into my 2015 wardrobe. What were your favourite items of your wardrobe year? Did you find any charity shops gems?

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  1. You've got so many pretty clothes! I looove your wedding dress and I'm not a fan of them usually. I was just thinking of the post you did a couple of months ago summing up all you bought - I might need to do my own soon! :)

    1. I did get some lovely things. And thank you, I loved my wedding dress even though it's completely different to what I thought I'd have.
      I love doing my summing up posts, looking at all the stats - it's a bit geeky but enjoyable. I'll look forward to reading yours!

  2. I love your purchases Hazel!! You've bought some lovely ones, esp the dresses! I really think I need to do some sort of ban too, so many things and so much wasted money!! I think I might restrict myself to spending only £10or not more than 2items (I say this because I've just spent £20 on two sales purchases! £10 is maybe better! I don't know but I know that if I go full-on ban, I get really antsy!!!x

    I realised I also have a myriad scarves but only one has been bought by me this year! No more either!!x

    1. Thank you.
      I have to say that by selecting scarves and PJs as things not to buy I just didn't look at them in shops. It didn't help reduce my spend but I found it interesting that by cutting out certain things I was able to stick to it. Something to think about...

  3. As well as your wedding dress, which I completely love, I'm also a massive fan of all the floral patterns.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. I love your white summer dress. I cannot wear longer length dresses like you as I am so short they look stupid on me. x

    1. It's one I wore a lot this summer. I think it's the perfect length for me, any shorter and I feel uncomfortable. Love maxi's too!

  5. You had a great year for fashion! I love that floral dress - so versatile.

    1. At £85 I wouldn't normally have purchased it but as it was for a wedding I felt I could justify it, but it looks like it's gong to get plenty of wear too :)

  6. I love the idea of reflecting on most worn/least worn/favourite clothes bought. Doing the buyer's archive has been my way of trying to reflect more on what I buy (conclusion - mostly stuff that I never wear!)

    1. It's the list geek in me that makes me do it! I am definitely wearing more of my wardrobe since I started this.

  7. I love reading round up posts! So many favourite pieces in your post: the swished Louche dress, the floral dress and of course, your stunning wedding dress! I'm looking forward to seeing your outfits of 2016!

    1. I really enjoyed your tons up post.
      I do love my jeans but dresses have definitely made more of an appearance recently.


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