Dressing for my life

Friday, January 15, 2016

Not to be confused with phrases such as running for my life or begging for my life, this is far less dramatic. I'm talking about creating a wardrobe to match my lifestyle.

Since leaving an office environment (nearly three years ago now!), and since we now have a less hectic social life, I came to realise that my wardrobe was full of items that no longer fit. And I don't mean fit me, I mean my life.

Recently I took a good look at the clothes I wear most often, and then had a pretty hefty sort out and donated several bags of clothes I no longer wear.

I rarely wear dresses or skirts, and yet I had so many hanging in my wardrobe. At this time of year my daily outfit consists of jeans and a jumper. I like a good pair of leather boots and a chunky scarf, a warm coat and mittens. And layers, definitely layers.

Heels and frocks just don't fit with my life of working from home in a cold farmhouse, furry cats, muddy driveways, and cosy nights in. Never-the-less I've kept my absolute favourite dresses and skirts, because I don't think I'll ever lose the urge to don a dress or strut around in fabulous shoes. I've simply made a promise to wear the remaining items at the merest hint of an appropriate occasion.

I'm going out tonight, and declared it the perfect opportunity to wear my thrifted Monsoon skirt and my not-worn-nearly-enough Louche cat jumper. I love the combination of a dressy skirt with a slightly geeky jumper.

Do you shop for the life you lead?

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  1. Not really, I still find I'm drawn to heels and dresses and I just wear them anyway, even if they might not be the most appropriate choice for work, or running a guiding meeting or going to / from the gym.

    1. Do you know what? I like that, that you love dresses and heels and wear them anyway.
      I used to do this a lot more when I worked in an office, and we were out and about every weekend. I feel a bit weird getting dressed up to sit at home and work - alone!

  2. I love this jumper so much and I especially love the idea of teaming it with a glamourous skirt and heels.

  3. I am a real mixture (and I suspect this us why I am such a hoarder and have many clothes. I go between pretty dress, tights and scruffy trousers and jumper- I dress dependant on my feeling.


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