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Friday, June 05, 2015

Here's how I did on my Super Spring list

1. Walk in the woods amongst the bluebells
Done! In fact we went twice as it was obvious that on our first visit we were a little early for the best carpet of blue.

Our second outing did not disappoint, we went in the early evening after a rain storm and it was beautifully refreshing with that clean rain smell mixed with the scent of bluebells and woodland. Bliss.

2. Go to the beach and eat fish and chips
Done - a spare of the moment decision to hit the beach in Aldeburgh turned a bad day into a lovely day.

And I had such a lovely time I took the an opportunity to visit Felixstowe beach (above) the following week - and there were fish and chips involved on this occasion too.

3. Read three books
I've only just finished book no.1. The Hundred Year Old Man (I can't even be bothered to finish typing out the title) by Jonas Jonasson. I enjoyed it at times, but I don't think it was worth slogging through. I don't seem to be getting as much from reading as I normally do at the moment. Maybe I'm picking the wrong books, or I'm not in the right head space. I don't know but it's frustrating. Having talked to a few friends about this I decided to get myself a copy of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, both of them said what an amazing book it is and I figured that if this doesn't lift me out of my reading fug then nothing will.

4. Write thank you letters
It took a while to get through them all and I didn't do them as promptly as I would've liked but it was lovely to spend a few nights immersed in memories of our wedding day.

5. Wardrobe cull
Sort of done. This was helped by not having a clue what to wear the day I met up with Sophie and Kezzie, I tried on half my wardrobe and consigned most of those items to the charity bag, which eased the strain on my rails (although I did come home from our outing with several new items).

6. Plan a summer adventure
I've promised myself a trip to Snape Maltings and Marlsford Mill. I've got tickets to Latitude and I also have a girl's night out for pizza and cocktails to look forward to.

7. Paint the kitchen
I've drafted in reinforcements for this, aka Mum and her husband (I don't call him my step dad because it doesn't sound / feel / seem right. They met when my brother and I were grown adults so it's not as if he plays, or ever played a father role - he is super lovely though and we all get on really well - ooh bit of a tangent there sorry!). But as they're recently married we're going to wait a few weeks before we get stuck in.

8. Make Jaffa Cakes and boiled fruit cake

I'd been meaning to bake this boiled fruit cake for ages. I don't remember how I came across it on A Millers Tale, but I'm glad I did as she shares her Grandmother's recipe - which we all know are the very best kind.

It was super easy to make and as delicious as promised. I didn't have any currants as I'd picked up two bags of raisins by mistake, so I made up the difference with mixed peel. This has left me hoping that when I bake it next time (and there will definitely be a next time), with the correct ingredients, it'll be even tastier.

See the recipe here. Do you have any recipes handed down from your Mum or Grandma?

The Jaffa Cakes remain unbaked but still on the list.

9. Continue to make home improvements
Other than planting up some hanging baskets for the front of the house, my home improvement has been generally organising stuff and getting rid of unwanted items at a car boot sale. Nothing exciting.

10. Sort out my office!!
I sorted a corner of my office thanks to George at Asda but the other side of the room still needs my attention (and some shelves). I have made progress here by getting rid of loads of unwanted bits and pieces, working on the premise that I don't need more room, I just need less stuff.

Here's my list for summer.

1. Go to the beach and eat ice cream (more than once)

2. Exercise!

3. Make a wedding album and get a few photos printed and into frames

4. Make a dress or skirt (or maybe both!)

5. Finish my patchwork quilt

6. Start (and finish?) a cross stitch I've had sat in my drawer since 2013

7. Redecorate our bedroom (after the kitchen of course)

8. Pick strawberries / raspberries and eat my body weight whilst still in the field

9. Make my own ice cream.

10. Try a new recipe.

What do you have planned for the summer months?

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  1. What a great list, and you have made really great progress with the Spring things, I think I totally missed the bluebells this year.

    1. I missed the bluebells last year and was determined not to miss them again!

  2. Mmm there's nothing that beats fish n chips on the beach!

    1. Agreed. It can only be improved by an icecream chaser :)

  3. I love the bluebells - they are so pretty.

    Lizzie Dripping


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