Three Little Dresses

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I organised a clothes swap at the weekend and came home with three lovely dresses. Two I love, the other I like but I’m not sure about. The beauty of a clothes swap is that if I don’t like it, I can take it to another swap. Or sell it on ebay. Or donate it. Either way I'm not really losing anything.

The first dress I found was a Louche Jena dress in red and grey, this is my favourite. I think this will be lovely to wear all year round and could be worn for meetings or just casually. It’s pretty versatile.

Then I picked up a cute red party dress by Union Boutique, not a brand I've heard of before but it looks well made, with boning to the bodice and full lining. It’s a lovely fabric with a bit of a sheen to it, it also has a bit of a petticoat going on. In my opinion this dress could only be improved with the addition of pockets. My feeling is that it'll be perfect for Christmas, but I could also wear it to a wedding next summer.

Lastly, I was rather taken by the art nouveau fabric of this Atmosphere dress, I have a feeling it’s too young for me - a little short, a bit too flared - but I’m going to style it up and see how it feels. Expect a post soon, where I’ll appreciate your honest opinion on it's age appropriateness.

Clothes swaps can be a bit hit and miss, you never know what people are going to turn up with. Sometimes you find very little but other times it’s like going on the best shopping spree ever, made so by the fact that you’re not spending a single penny.

Have you ever been to a clothes swap? I love them! Just beware of 'The Snatcher', there is one lurking at every swap.

Day 10 of Blogging Every Day In November with Rosalilium

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  1. I have been toying with the idea of organising a clothes swap for so long, as a Rangers fundraiser because, come on, I have too many clothes. It's one of those things I never seem to quite get around to, though. Love the look of that red dress!

  2. I love your swaps! Especially that Louche dress (I've just left JOY wanting EVERY Louche item!) You can easily tone down the Atmosphere dress if you feel it's too young. I'd wear a Peter Pan collar and a neutral cardigan. I'd love to attend a clothes swap!

    1. My thoughts exactly, I'm going to enjoy styling these :)

  3. There was a swap in my local town this Saturday and I COULDN'T escape my husband in order to sneak off to it!!! Great shame as I have a MOUND of clothes to cull, some of which are brand new (e.h. ivory silk flutter sleeve shrug!!x
    Your dresses are amazing- I LOVE the red and grey collared one and the red and well, the other too!x

    1. What a shame, a swap would be perfect for you Kezzie, no spending but new clothes - it's awesome!!

  4. Of course I love the collared dress, but they're all great finds (and I don't think the Atmosphere dress is too young for you at all)

    1. I love the collar dress the most, I want to wear it all of the time.
      I tried on the Atmosphere dress and it just felt very short but maybe when I've styles it properly I'll feel more comfortable in it, I love the pattern!!


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