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Monday, November 09, 2015

Style - A distinctive appearance

A few years ago, I spent some time pondering three words that would describe my style. I came up with classic, casual and versatile.

Classic - because I like classic shapes. I stick to clean outlines and avoid fussy styles and fabrics, and anything too 'on trend'.

Relaxed - because I can't stand wearing something I feel button up and rigid in. Even when dressed up I have to feel comfortable (one of the things I loved about my wedding dress was that it was so comfortable to wear - I could breathe, move, sit, and dance with ease).

Versatile - because I feel I can style a lot of the items in my wardrobe to suit different occasions.

Looking through my Looks I Love Pinterest board my love of jeans is obvious, chunky knitwear and scarves feature highly and stripes, lots of stripes. It's peppered with floaty maxi dresses and pretty floral pieces, statement necklaces and an occasional pop of colour - and this pretty much sums up my wardrobe.

I think that my wardrobe lacks a few items - a black fitted jacket, classic black court shoes (Louboutin I'm looking at you), and a winter coat that makes me want to snuggle into it and never take it off, but all-in-all I'm happy with my lot.

I have a few dream pieces that I would love to find. I should happen across a cute jacket like this one...

or a sequin jacket like this one, I'd be one happy little blogger.

What three words would you use to describe your style?

Day 9 of Blogging Every Day In November with Rosalilium

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  1. I like both those jackets- the shoes, not so much (but then I am not a heels person!) I like your style greatly- you have just the right balance of stylish and classic and then fun and cool and yes,the comfortable vibe too!x

    1. Aww thanks Kezzie.
      I love heels but rarely wear them, however a pair like these could be worn many times over (although in truth I'd never spend that much on shoes!).

  2. I do like that little quilted jacket, might put that on my list of things to make next year!


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