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Sunday, November 08, 2015

It's been a busy few days. I'm tired, we had a late night. I was more than happy to spend some time doing nothing, because that's what 'self care' meant to me today. It's not often that I sit and do nothing, I'm a constant fidget.

After a late breakfast of bacon and eggs (cooked by my husband), I had a long hot bath, spent the day in my PJs and an afternoon watching TV on the sofa, but a scroll through my Twitter feed brought back that familiar feeling that I was wasting the day.

So, for the past few hours I've been in my office slowly sorting through paperwork, sipping hot chocolate, and clearing my desk for tomorrow, because tomorrow is going to be another busy day. But now I feel prepared, I've written a list.

Come on Monday, I'm ready for you.

Happy Sunday!
Day 8 of Blogging Every Day In November with Rosalilium

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  1. That sounds a very nice way to spend your day! I am afraid that I have indulged in a weekend where I haven't got lots of things I should have got done,done but it's been very enjoyable once the headache subsided yesterday!x

    1. You've had a super busy week, so you're allowed a weekend of doing nothing.

  2. I actually stayed in bed on Sunday morning and ate breakfast and caught up on my blog reading, which is something I rarely do these days. I always forget at this time of year to schedule in downtime to rest, so Sunday's theme reminded me to do so.

    1. That sounds like Sunday perfection to me. It's so important to make time to relax.


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