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Friday, November 13, 2015

The prompt for today's Blog Every day in November is World Kindness Day.

Unsure of where to start or what to say, I took to Google. A number of meanings and explanations where offered up in response. But one small quote stood out to me today.

Be kind to everyone including yourself.

Because I woke up in a shitty mood with myself today and I've been beating myself up since my feet hit the floor.

If a friend of mine described how I'm feeling now as how they were feeling, I'd tell them to give themselves a break. I'd tell them an off day is no reason to be so hard on themselves.

So that's what I told myself. I'm giving myself a break, allowing myself to have a day that doesn't go so well, without feeling bad about it. I'm giving myself permission to just be a bit crap today.

I've taken a moment, hugged the girl cat and put on my favourite jumper, I've made myself a big cup of tea and re-written my to-do list to be more manageable for my I'm-not-firing-on-all-cylinders-today day.

And later I'm going to go to my pilates class and I'm going to enjoy it, even if I don't tick everything off my to-do list before I go.

And when I come home I'm going to sit on the sofa with my husband and watch a film, maybe have a glass of wine. I'm not going to worry about the tasks that didn't get completed, the washing that didn't get done, or the million and one things swirling around my head that didn't get thought about or resolved.

Because I need a break, a moment to breathe. And I'm allowing myself to have one, because it's the kind thing to do. And being kind to yourself is as important as being kind to others.

Why is it that we find it so much harder to be kind to ourselves than we do to others. I see it so often.

So come on, let's give ourselves a break. It's not selfish, it's self care. And let's face it, looking after ourselves puts us in a better position to look after others.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama

Day 13 of Blogging Every Day In November with Rosalilium 

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  1. Hope you're feeling a bit better now. I have lots of off days where I feel out of sorts and not quite myself. I think we can be quite critical of ourselves, certainly much harder on ourselves than others would be, not quite sure why. Pour yourself a glass of wine and settle down in front of the tv, oh, and stroke your cat, that's supposed to lower stress levels.

  2. Very true! Absolutely no point in slogging when you are in a foul mood!x


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