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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I am a writer of lists. It says as much on my About page, so it must be true.

The first thing I do most days is write a list of tasks for the day. I have to limit to five things, if I don't I write until I reach the bottom of the page and then turn it over.

I have a few blog lists on the go, my Autumn '15 list, a list of things to do in my 40th year, my new year resolutions, and a list of 40 things to do before I'm 40 (missed that deadline obviously).

I have lists for home improvements, an ongoing grocery list, a list of all the food in my freezer, a what-to-buy-for-who for Christmas list, a list of blog post ideas, and a general list of things I must not forget. I also keep a list of all my clothing purchases (split into new and pre-loved), which I've done for the past four years.

Yep, I'm a list writer, a writer of lists. I'm addicted to ticking things off, and for good measure I put a line through them too.

Because I can.

They're my lists.

My lists will always be written down in a notebook, with a pen, just so that I can get the satisfaction of crossing something off, whilst saying 'that's another job jobbed', a phrase inherited from my Mother. She's a lister too.

A lister will always have a good supply of notebooks. Perhaps even a few too many...

Day 11 of Blogging Every Day In November with Rosalilium

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  1. I'm a huge list writer too. Every where I go a list is bound to be present too! x

  2. I love a good list. I have just begun the annual hunt for next year's diary. I'm very specific with things like this. They have to be A5, day-to-page and have enough space for endless lists.

    1. I have the same one each year. Paperchase, A5, page a day, leather with closing band. Got mine for 2016 already :)

  3. I always say there is no such thing as too many notebooks! O so I tell myself when I buy a new one to add to the pile. Though they do get used eventually.


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