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Thursday, November 05, 2015

I've talked about my first ever Bonfire Night on the blog before, so this time around I'm going to tell you what we do each year. It's not always on fireworks night, but on a Saturday near the date we host 'An Evening of Pyro'.

It's a tradition that we took over when, after 15 years, Andy's friend's parents moved house and a new venue had to be found.

It basically involves a group of friends, a mountain of fireworks and a bonfire, followed by chilli and rice, soup, and a cake of some description.

I have mixed feelings about private firework displays to be honest, I always feel that there is too much risk involved especially in built up areas, but Andy and his friends have been doing this for 17 years now and so far it's always been without incident.

We find a field well out of the way for the fireworks (and there are many) with a small bonfire for warmth, and then we head back to the house for food. We light a second bonfire and this year I'm adding marshmallows to the mix. I always feel a bonfire without marshmallows is a wasted opportunity.

More than anything this is about upholding a long standing tradition. This is the only time we see some of the people who attend over the course of the year, and we greet each other as if we saw each other only yesterday. For me this is the mark of true friendship.

I sometimes wonder how many years we'll keep it up, I hope for many to come, each year adding new faces in the form of girlfriends that turn into wives and, who knows, maybe a few years from now we'll see the first of the next generation of pyros...?

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  1. I love a good fireworks display, hopefully Ben and I are heading to one at the weekend, assuming the weather doesn't halt the plans! x

  2. I'm really hoping to see some fireworks, the attic room at A's gives a great view over the town so I think we have a cosy night in front of the fire planned and may venture out to try and see some fireworks.

    1. That sounds lovely, I hope you had fun? I love our fireworks tradition, but it's flippin' freezing!

  3. I've spent the night with the tv up loud and all the curtains closed because the pooch hates the bangs, but I used to love going out to displays.......(I'm just not sure how I feel about them in my next door neighbours gardens......) I love that you take your display out into a field.

    1. It's awful for pets isn't it? My girl cat hates the fizzy, whizzy ones, that's why we have our display as far from the house as we can. I leave them at home with the TV on so that they're not disturbed too much.
      I really don't think that fireworks are a good idea in towns and built up areas. The house that backs onto my Mum's house has a display every year and because their garden is long, their fireworks end up closer to her house than theirs, which just isn't on, its really inconsiderate, but they won't listen to reason.


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