My Three Little Words. Classic, Casual and...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It took me ages to decide on my third and final word and Thank You for all your helpful suggestions.  Style(ish) was a strong contender but I realised that these three words should describe my style.

I chose versatile because I don't have work clothes or best clothes or weekend clothes (that said I DO have decorating clothes). I don't compartmentalise my wardrobe, I tend to mix and match any item to suit the occasion.

These three little words can help me to bring some order my currently uncoordinated wardrobe, the contents of which reside in numerous bags in different rooms all over our new house.

Some items fall under the heading of 'what WAS I thinking?!', others simply have no one to play with, so anything that doesn't fall under the umbrella of Classic, Casual and Versatile will be set free.

What would your three little words be?

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  1. Wow, it's much harder to think of the three best words than I imagined! This is a taste I'll have to come back to. I think it's good to find ways of streamlining and understanding your style though, especially if you're overspending or finding that you're buying things you're not actually wearing much.

  2. @Tea For Two It took me ages! And the reason you mention here are exactly why I am doing this.
    Let me know what you come up with x

  3. ideal combination, everything we buy should fall under this description!

  4. Three fantasic words. No idea what words I would use.

    Now let's think!!

    X x

  5. oh yes, good final choice! I have no idea what my three words would be. I don't think three would be enough...

  6. @Please may I?I think sparkly would have to be one of them :-)


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