Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm finding some time to catch up on my blog reading. When I say time, I mean my lunch hour. It's been nice to switch off from my life for a while and catch up with others.

I swiped this from Danni the Girl, who swiped it from Sophie at A Country Girl Does Norfolk, who swiped it from The Brunette Diaries... I love how these things spread :)

What is bothering you right now?
Not having enough hours in the day, my work/life balance is way, way off kilter!
Do you like celebrity magazines?
When was the last time you were ill? Why?
I am plagued by sinusitis, it strikes when I get run down, which has been happening a lot recently (see my answer to the first question).
Do you feel you belong in a different era?
Yes. The 1950's. OH feels that way too.
Who owns you?
My cats, Socks and Tink.
Favorite country in Europe?
Did you skive off school?
Nope. I was a bit of a girlie swot.
Ever played an instrument?
Only very badly.
Favorite alcoholic drink?
Pimms and lemonade on a hot day, mulled wine when it's cold.
Do you follow fashion?
I follow fashion so I know what is current but I wear only what I think suits me.
What colour are your eyes? Do you like that colour?
The same as Danni - Greeny/Grey/Bluey. I think my peepers are my best feature.
What is the furthest you have travelled from your home? How far was it?
Seattle, which 4799 miles from London according to Google.
What is the coldest temperatures you have experienced? Where were you?
Winter 2010 in the UK
What is the hottest temperatures you have experienced? Where were you?
Sicily. On the day of my friend's wedding. I melted.
Imagine you have three wishes. List them. (A million more wishes doesn't count)
1. An end to poverty and suffering (a biggie but a goody)
2. Longer, thicker, curlier eyelashes (utterly selfish but I'd love a life without mascara)
3. Unlimited energy
Are you keeping a secret from the world?
If you could go back in time and give advice to yourself ten years ago, what would you say?
Your greatest regrets will be about the things you didn't do.
How have you changed in the past 10 years?
I'm kinder to myself and more confident.
Is abortion wrong?
Not if it's done for the right reasons, as a last resort, in a timely fashion.
Do you like long train/car journeys?
Yes, I love the time to stare out of the window and get lost in my own little world...
Have you ever considered writing a novel?  
On occasion. If I had a great idea for a plot I'd go for it. I'm waiting for inspiration to strike.
Have you ever punched someone in the face?  
No, but I have wanted to.
What is your sense of humour like?
I love a dry sense of humour, quick wit and slap stick. Nothing makes me laugh like people tripping up or walking into things.

Are you a good person?
Not to everyone. I'm fiercely loyal but break my trust and forgiveness is a long time coming.

Blimey, that was a bit heavy for a final question!

Feel free to complete this questionnaire... just let me know, I'd love to read it.

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  1. first time on your blog, lovin this Q+A!!!

  2. i love these posts i will bear this q+a in mind :)

  3. Loved reading this. You definitely sound awesome.

  4. I'm def with you on the last two! I am the sort of person to deliberatly see a (fairly harmless) accident waiting to happen. People falling over on mud is a favourite. Naughty me, hehe! Why didn't I think of unlimited energy?.

  5. What a great read.

    Thanks for sharing.

    X x

  6. ha ha yeah I think my cat owns me come to think of it. He is the lord of the house I tell you.



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