Everybody, Everywear : Yellow

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello, in the midst of moving madness I found my only item of clothing that has a touch of yellow for the Everybody, Everywear challenge... I can't wear yellow. It really doesn't suit me, which is such a shame as I love the colour. My mustard yellow bag came from Very last year (Socks is clearly intrigued) and the t-shirt is H&M.

Right, back to packing, unpacking and decorating...

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  1. My next door neighbour's cat was called Socks. And I love your top, the flash of colour's nice. I've only just found your blog, but I'm a new follower. Your cat's really cute too. xxx

  2. Love it.

    Casual yet smart too. I'm not a huge yellow person either. I tend o look quite washed out I find.

    X x

  3. I don't suit yellow but I'm gutted I missed the challenge this month. I totally lost track of things!

  4. Love this look! The way you've worn yellow is just right, not to overpowering but still noticeable. Gorgeous!

    Much Love


  5. I think that striped shirt is so cute!

  6. "I can't wear yellow."

    I guess you're wrong there, since your skin complexion really compliments with yellow dress, eh. You are not just used in wearing yellow that's why. Though, I love your outfit here. Simply beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Cathy | Steve Jobs and His Contribution to Embroidery Industry


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