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Monday, July 25, 2011

I started the day with a bit of a Monday morning frenzy. Having got up a little later than I should have, I was all set to pull on my go-to jeans and then I remembered. My favourite jeans came a cropper at the weekend. I think I've killed them. Unless superglue washes out (anyone that has any tips on superglue removal will forever be held in the highest regard; I love those jeans).

A quick, half asleep, change of plan was required. My coloured jeans came to hand first and seemed a good place to start my Wearing It All wardrobe challenge. I tend to wear these jeans with neutral colours so this cardigan seemed perfect, especially as the skies seemed rather on the dull side. I wore a plain, long sleeve, t-shirt underneath for added bad weather insurance.

I spent some time on Friday night sorting through a bag of clothes. Some things have already been eliminated.
This colour? With MY complexion! I have no idea what I was thinking when I purchased this. It's a nice shape and fabric but totally wrong for me. I could wear it as a night dress but, and this will come as no surprise to anyone, I have far more items of night wear than I actually need.

A sale 'bargain' £7.00 from H&M, nice colour, really nice detailing but batwing sleeves and my shoulders do not mix, they are big enough already.

Some of you may remember this from my first wardrobe challenge. I didn't wear this very often which is why I chose it for the challenge but I have to admit that I haven't worn it since, so this goes in the 'no' pile.

This has never been worn. I purchased this possibly 2 years ago from Monsoon, it was in the sale. It's a lovely dress but just a little to tight to be comfortable. Shame.

I like this and have worn it a few times, but it is low at the front and I find that I spend a lot of time hitching it up. I made the mistake of wearing this the day I met OH's Grandma and found that I stood with my hand behind my back holding it in place. It would be great as a beach cover-up but as I have no holidays coming up in the foreseeable future this should go in the 'no' pile... or perhaps the 'maybe' pile?

This still has the tags on. It's another sale purchase, this time from La Redoute. It's a really pretty fabric, has little brass buttons and pin tuck detailing but it's a little to sheer for my liking which is why I haven't worn it. Add to 'no' pile.

Knitted top from Next. There is nothing wrong with it, I just don't wear it.

This dress I just had to try on. It was a sale purchase (do you see a pattern forming here?) from Very, £7.00. I mean really? Move directly to 'NO!' pile, do not pass Go, do not collect £200.

Tomorrow I'll share with you some of the items I decided to save.

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  1. Love the coloured jeans! They are a lovely colour xx

  2. They're all pretty but I think you've touched on quite a lot of the reasons why things end up unworn. If it doesn't fit or you feel uncomfy in it then just get rid.

    I think I may institute a new personal rule of wearing sale purchases within a month or taking them back. I've got much better than I was but it's still those impulse "oh it's such a bargain" purchases that don't end up getting worn.

  3. I love those coloured jeans on you! The colour really suits you! Yay for having a clearout. I need one. I buy so much which I never even wear.

  4. I have a few tops that are too low cut to be comfortable in, so I just wear a black vest underneath. Problem solved!

    I spilt superglue on my carpet a few years ago and the internet suggested nail polish remover to get rid. It worked quite well.

  5. @Sarah Sarah, if that works I will love you forever!

  6. Some genuinely interesting details you have written.Aided me a lot, just what I was searching
    for :D.

  7. Thank you for helping out, fantastic info.


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