H&M Delivery!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It has arrived.

Finally delivery date? 27th June, one month and four days from the time of order.

Two days later I received a letter telling me the dress would be delivered at the beginning of July and the necklace at the end of July. Eh?? But... oh never mind.

The sad thing is that the dress looks ridiculous on me. So, if anyone would like the dress above, size 8, leave me a comment below saying you'd like it (first comment bags it, UK only). It comes with one condition - if it doesn't suit you or fit you, you must pass it to another blogger until it finds a loving home (if it does fit etc, an outfit post would be nice).

The necklace looks fab. From a distance. More on that in another post.

I think it'll be a while before I consider another foray into the online world of H&M. The high street store on the other hand is calling my name...

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  1. Typical that! You wait forever, then it's not what you want or expect. Soo disappointing!

    If only I was a size 8! Well maybe in my dreams.

    X x

  2. Oh no! The pain of ordering something online and having to wait ages for it, only to have it not suit - this is why I have a phobia of online clothes shopping (something my bank account thanks me for).

    Thank you for your excellent shrieking noise, it was muchly appreciated. I'm sure you'll be able to ripple if you turned your hand to it - as for commissions - I'd never say never!

  3. Ooh I'd love the dress, on your conditions of course. I can't believe H&M delivery.

  4. That is terrible service, write a complaint, you never know what it might bring - perhaps vouchers to spend in the trusty high street! xx

  5. how annoying that the dress isn't right for you...
    Pretty lousy service from h&m.

  6. @Shopgirl Shopgirl, the dress is yours ;)
    Please email me your address and I'll post it in the post.

  7. Oh my goodness!! I wasn't even going to check back as I didn't think for a moment I would have been the first comment!!! Eek! how exciting :) I'm sending you an email now!! xx

  8. That is shockingly shoddy service from H&M..

    I was really tempted to place an order a week or so ago, when they had lots & lots of sale things that caught my eye - but I remembered reading various reports of crappy customer service/delivery times etc, & decided against ordering from them. I'm now glad I didn't bother! They're not doing themselves any favours, are they!? I don't think I've heard one good/alright review since they started their online shop!



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