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Monday, June 27, 2011

I have been trying to write this post for months. 

Sometime in back October 2010 I made a start...
In this month's edition of Red I read an article by Anna Van Praagh that set me pondering.
The article was 'Modern, glamorous, edgy, chic, eclectic... what are your 3 words'

The idea is that your style can be summed up three words and once you figure out what they are you can be sure that you'll never make an ill advised wardrobe purchase ever again and you'll refine your style to fully reflect who you are.

It was a great article and I've been mulling it over ever since. So far I have 'classic' as I tend to stick to simple shapes and styles but I just can't seem to settle on the remaining two (and still question whether classic is right).

A few months later, after several re-writes and some pondering...
Classic. I'm happy with that. I think casual should be one of the three. I do love to dress up but catch me on any given day and you're more than likely to find me in jeans. I don't like to wear anything that restricts movement and/or breathing or anything with too many folds, ruffles or flounce. I have stated on this very blog that 'anything too smart or formal makes me want to run for the hills.'
Today I'm trying to settle on my third and final word...
Classic, casual and... and...? Hum.

Style(ish)? As in I have my own style(ish) rather than I am stylish.

Simple? I don't like to over complicate an outfit, I don't want to look like I have spent ages putting an outfit together (because I don't)...?

Where did I put my thesaurus? Any ideas? Here is some inspiration...


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  1. I absolutely love your last outfit, I would say that you are chic as well as stylish. I wouldn't have a clue what my three words would be! x

  2. I like stylish. I think it shows you can make any outfit your own, which is exactly what you do. Anyone can follow a trend but it's harder to show that you can create your own.

    X x

  3. I always find it hard to sum up my style in 3 words, especially mine is a lot on my mood. So I'll be girly one day, but can go completely grunge the next.
    Classic and casual seem like perfect words. Wish I could help with a third.

  4. That is interesting, I don't think I could ever find 3 words, mainly because I like to dress so differently. I do like classic looks, but always with something more unusual thrown in. I always like the things no one else does - this is why I get so many designer things heavily reduced on sale. So maybe 'obscure' LOL
    Hmm maybe you could add 'polished' to your list, your outfits are very sleek, simple yet classic and elegant too... how many words was it again ;-)

  5. oh. this is an awesome concept, three words. I'm not entirely sure how I would describe my own style, so thats got me thinking.
    I agree with your own first two words, but I'm not sure what I'd say for the third word...
    You like neutrals, but neutral as an adjective isn't sounding quite right.

  6. I love your shoes in the final photo! They're amazing & look incredible with such a simple, classic outfit! xx

  7. I think stylish would be a good word.. Or maybe elegant chic? I think that is definitely that ease to your style, but at the same time it's very poslished and perfectly put together :) Hope that helps a bit? :)

  8. I may nab this idea as a future blog post if that's ok? About the only one I can settle on to describe my own style at the moment is eclectic. I like all sorts.

    I'd go with elegant for your final word. You always look very poised in your outfit posts.

  9. such a pretty smile! love your shoes and envelope clutch :) xx

  10. Thanks for all your comments. I am so much closer to a decision!


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