H&M Fail

Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm disappointed.

Do you remember my teeny tiny H&M haul? I placed this order on 23rd May.

At the time of placing my order the delivery dates were;
Dress 30th May - 3rd June
Necklace 6th - 10th June

When the dates had passed I tracked my parcel. The expected delivery dates had changed, without any notification;
Dress 13th - 17th June
Necklace 20th - 24th June

The following week they changed again...
Dress 20th - 24th June
Necklace 27th June - 1st July

And again the following week...
Dress 27th June - 1st July
Necklace 4th - 8th July

The order is now on it's way to me, I'm eagerly await it's arrival (expect a few outfits posts).

Its this normal for H&M? Have I just been unlucky this time?

I'm disappointed because I like H&M so much, it's one of my go-to stores. I have many items in my wardrobe from there that I adore. When they went online I was delighted! It opened up the opportunity for me to see the full range rather than just what was selected for my local store, but now I'm not sure if I'll be ordering anything from the website again.

I have become so used to orders arriving within a week (and more often than not within 24 hours) of purchase that a five week wait seems like really poor service to me, especially as I had no communication from them to say that the delivery date had changed.

I'd love to hear your experience of H&M online.

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  1. sadly, from what I have heard this is totally normal for h&m which really puts me off the otherwise much needed online shop!

  2. @daisychain
    Oh Laura, I was really hoping that this was a first time unlucky experience! Lets just hope I like my purchases when they arrive!

  3. I haven't ever tried ordering online from them but I've heard so many bad things. Wrong sizes, orders taking ages, you name it...

    I like H&M a lot but I just don't think I'd trust buying stuff I hadn't already tried on in store. Their sizing is SO unpredictable.

  4. I've not shopped at h&m online, but sadly I've ONLY heard bad things :S their teething problems seem to be dragging on... Hope your orders turn up soon.

  5. I ordered once from them and the order came within 10 days BUT I have heard so many bad stories about H&M online.

    I was going to buy some thngs in the sale but it said they were not going to be delivered for ages so I did not bother.

    They should look into this as its letting their website down.

    Good luck with your order xx


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