Teeny Tiny H&M Haul

Thursday, June 09, 2011

When I saw this gorgeous turquoise necklace from H&M on Lipstick and Ruffles and then on The Stylista and the Frog I just fell in love with it.

At £7.99 it is well within my yet-to-be-decided monthly shopping budget and I am proud to say that I stuck to 'The Rules' and I waited 24 hours before I made my purchase. But (there is always a but) I did also buy a dress - only £2.00 (yep - limited offer price) so in my defense I didn't spend too much.

It did feel nice to be able to treat myself after a spending break but it also felt really good knowing that I had considered my purchases and didn't spend a fortune. Also, what I did buy filled a gap in my wardrobe.

Whilst perusing the H&M site I has a real blast from the past. Remember these?

I had two at primary school, a white one and a bright pink one and if remember correctly they were just that little bit too small to fit a ring binder in, rendering them pretty much useless as a school bag!

What have you treated yourself to recently?

Lovin' H&M

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  1. Oh I had a bright pink jelly bag and the shoes to match. Big blast from the past. ~c~

  2. Nothing! Honestly I've been so good with not spending anything recently. This may come to a dramatic halt as I hit the vintage shops in Manchester at the weekend though...

  3. ahah, oh those bags bring back memories!

  4. ha ha I remember those bags I had a pink one, typical of me eh pink!! x

  5. The necklace looks amazing. Love the colour. It's totally allowed if you wait overnight to buy something. And the dress is such a bargain!


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