Wearing It All... Day 2

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 2 and I'm really missing my favourite jeans…

I went for something simple today - Levi jeans and a slouchy jumper. I popped a scarf into my bag in case it turned chilly and kept accessories simple, just a silver necklace and ring.

As promised yesterday, here are a few of the items that received a second chance.
This dress was a bargain from Oasis at £10.00 (please excuse the wrinkles, everything I own is currently in bags), I have only worn this twice but I do love it so I couldn't bring myself to give it away. I'm just going to have to find a reason to wear this again.

This top is by Vero Moda and a sale purchase *starts to sound like a broken record*. I like it but I think the colour washes me out. I added a pop of colour to my lips to see if it made one iota of difference… I'm not sure it did but am willing to give this another go. I think it's all about how I wear it. Any suggestions?

I purchased these dresses just before heading off to Zanzibar last year, they were invaluable as beach cover-ups but I don't think the style really suits me - strapless items seem to make my already wide shoulders look enormous! I should know by now that I can't wear strapless, halter necks also look ridiculous but there was something about these that appealed to my inner hippie. I decided to keep the light blue one, I'm sure I can find a way to wear it. If not, it's off to the charity shop...

I don't wear this Dorothy Perkins shirt very often. It very nearly hit the 'no' pile but looking at the photograph I rather liked it so it's been saved. I wondered if I hadn't worn it much because I have so much in my wardrobe? We'll see. I think it's a great casual shirt.

A further sort out last night turned up a few more for the charity bag and a few I can't decide on.
Pleated, wide leg, trousers from Very.co.uk, never been worn. The left pic shows how they look without shoes (you should have seen me try to climb stairs in these when I first tried them on - accident waiting to happen), in the pic on the right I am wearing shoes. I think these are just too voluminous but I quite like them. I don't know. I'm also not sure what else I would wear this with other than this black t-shirt. I'm drawing blank. What do you think?

Wrap dress. This is my first ever eBay purchase. I've only ever worn this on holiday. Yes or no?

Speaking of eBay wins (if I may digress for a moment), this is my most recent purchase - a Monsoon statement necklace. I waited until the auction had 40 seconds left before bidding. I can't wait to wear it.

Look at the size of these. I think it goes without saying that these will not be worn this side of some serious exercise... *adds to charity bag*.

These have only been worn once, I don't know why I didn't just return them, they fit perfectly everywhere but around the waist. These are a 'no'.

I'm beginning to realise what a mammoth task this is going to be but I think the resulting, pared down wardrobe will be worth it. The seasonal issue is a concern but with the way the weather has been recently I think I'll have some opportunity to dip into my autumn/winter wardrobe. That said I'm reliably informed that a heatwave could be heading our way in 10 days.

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  1. I love the Oasis dress, it's beautiful! What a bargain!

  2. I love the strapless dress - think it looks lovely and glamorous on you - you can totally pull it off!! Honestly!! :)

    And the DP lumberjack shirt is cool and looks great for a casual weekend look I think - KEEP!!


  3. omg this is the best idea, but i don't think i could do it. how long are you giving yourself to wear everything? you have to wear it all and once only? argh!!! it would take me over a year :(

  4. @dinoprincesschar I think it's going to take a while... I guess if I run out of bottoms before tops I'll be allowed to wear some bottoms twice.
    I just began to get so overwhelmed with the amount of clothes I have, I'm finding so many things that I had long forgotten!

  5. I'm surprised you don't like your shoulders - I think you've got beautiful shoulders/neck (what do you call that bit of your upper torso?!). Not wide at all.

    Love the DP shirt. Fits beautifully and looks really cute.

    As for the wide legged trousers, I'd be inclined to say put them in the no pile. They're very nice but they look a bit big on you - it's a shame to swamp such good legs with all that fabric.


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