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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

You'd think that with moving into a new house, renovating a flat and working full time I'd have no time to ponder my own personal style...

However, packing up my wardrobe made me realise how many clothes I have that I do not wear and how few really complement each other.

Also, I have read numerous blog posts on the subject of ethical fashion recently. The lack of information we are given as consumers troubles me. There seems to be no way of knowing the origin of a garment and the more we buy, the more, I feel, we compound the problem.

Our fast-fashion fix has become the norm - who of us hasn't popped into town for some retail therapy and just purchased something because we fancy it, because 'it's only a tenner'?

Having completed a wardrobe challenge where I wore 12 pieces of clothing for 40 days, it became clear to me that I my wardrobe doesn't need to be bulging to be versatile. More and more I am asking myself 'do I really need it?'. Normally the answer is 'no, I don't'.

By establishing my 'three little words' and understanding my style I believe that I can make smarter retail choices. I want to create a harder working wardrobe, less volume, more substance.

I'm with Vivienne Westwood when she says 'Buy Less, Choose Well'

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  1. I'm feeling quite chuffed with myself. I almost always buy second hand clothing, so how green am I? I do choose badly though. I need to be more picky.

  2. Absolutely agree. I try to buy only what I think I will need or wear again and again. Its such a waste otherwise.

  3. Totally guilty of it- and in fact I've really felt the urge to splurge lately... I'm headed over to H&M tomorrow for a little special therapy, so I'm feeling dangerous. ;)

  4. it's always hard to make right choice! But its even harder to throw away things you dont use...my rule: if i have not used something for the whole year...i let it go


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