Another Wardrobe Challenge - Wearing It All

Thursday, July 21, 2011

For my next wardrobe challenge I am going to be wearing all of my clothes.

My objective? To identify what works, what doesn't and what just takes up space in my wardrobe.

The rules are simple - I have to wear every item of clothing I own before wearing something for a second time. If it doesn't fit, doesn't go with anything else in my wardrobe, looks awful or doesn't fit under the umbrella of my Three Little Words - Classic, Casual and Versatile, it gets given to charity.

I have so many seldom worn and long forsaken clothes that it seems almost greedy to keep them all to myself. Moving to a new home seems like the perfect time for a thorough wardrobe cull.

It starts this weekend with a quick edit...

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  1. you are queen of wardrobe challenges x

  2. @daisychain You may have a point there Laura! As soon as my wardrobe is sorted I'll stop... probably ;O)

  3. Ahahaha, I love that episode of Friends.

    What about unseasonable stuff? I foresee some overheated days for you when you start working your way through your winter jumpers!

  4. this is a great challenge! I really like the idea of this one. I am dreadful for keeping clothes I would never wear.

  5. Oooh this sounds very exciting! And brave I might add.

  6. Get you! My first thought was the same as Alex, what about the winter stuff etc?

    Be very interesting to read the posts.

    X x

  7. @Please may I?I'm starting to think that there maybe a teeny tiny chance that I haven't thought this through properly. Time will tell.

  8. I just found your blog, and I'm excited to read it! I am working on a variation of the same project, which I am calling The Everything Project (but also Wearing it All, coincidentally, as you will see in the URL). Good luck!


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