Challenge 4-4-4 Week 3

Friday, October 17, 2014

My current challenge of wearing just 16 clothing items is going by so quickly, that I can't believe I'm in the last week already. I did wonder if this challenge was going to be the easiest one yet, and yep, I was right. Some items have barely been worn at all.

In my last update post I wondered about continuing for another four weeks. I think I will. I'll swap a few pieces though, the pink maxi skirt seems unseasonable and the short sleeve top didn't work as well as I thought it would. I'll need to consider the colder weather that's on the way too.

Could this be the start of a rolling wardrobe?

My photo an hour day and the first appearance of my chambray dress. Although it's not much of an outfit shot, it is a cute pic of a cat. And as it's my favourite way to wear this dress, you can see it worn here & here (both for challenges I might add).

Sunday - Wednesday
Sunday was a lazy day, perfect for a jumper dress and a scarf. I counted my scarf collection. I have 26 in total, which seems a ridiculous amount to own, and I put a large number in a charity bag earlier in the year.

At the beginning of this challenge I discarded two dresses from my chosen items and on Wednesday I replaced one of them with this long turquoise cardy. I love my short green one but I am getting a teensy bit sick of it.

Thursday and Friday
Two quiet days with nothing much to write about, except to say it turned out to be too hot on Friday for a jacket (not complaining).

Incidentally, I came across this video on YouTube recently - this lady has just eight dresses in her wardrobe. Eight dresses, three jumpers and one jacket. One pair of ballet flats and one pair of boots. That's it. I think I have more than that currently sitting in my linen bin. But I have to admit I like the idea of getting dressed very quickly every morning, safe in the knowledge that my clothes look good, work together and are flattering.

Have a great weekend, the forecast is a warm one!


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  1. You always look so sleek Hazel! I just couldn't do this challenge- is get so bored!! X

    1. I wondered if I'd get bored but so far I haven't (which is handy really!)

  2. Wow, you have done really well. I have a boring old work uniform that I have to wear so on the weekends, I go a bit crazy with changing my clothes.

    1. I am lucky not to have to dress for work, working in my PJs is the most fun!

  3. Loving all the outfits, I must admit it does make like so much easier with just a few key pieces. I have so much that I hardly ever wear.

    X x

    1. Thanks lovely :)
      It is so much easier when you only have a few options (easier still when half of them are in the laundry bin!)

  4. Replies
    1. That's Tinker, she's such a sweetie :)

  5. Love your Saturday outfit--those flats are awesome!

    I think this whole thing is a great idea. I should try it sometime! I often forget just how amazing 16 pieces can be.


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